Brian Tyler Boydston

Last night I found out that a friend of mine killed himself after he was bullied for being gay. Brian Tyler Boydston and I started talking on Twitter, and eventually became friends off of just social networks. We would call and talk and text each other when we just wanted to chat.

With high college course load and social life we lost touch but still would send each other the occasional text or message.

Last night I found out that he killed himself after being bullied for being gay.

My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

It is horrible that there are people out there who would drive a person to such an act… People like Matt Lederer and Chris Mallgren need to be stopped! They suggest that gay people kill them self! Their words are hateful and evil. No one should ever feel the need to kill them self, let alone have people like Matt Lederer and Chris Mallgren telling them directly that they should commit suicide.

Please stop spreading hated! It is supposed to get better, but when people are telling you that you should kill yourself, how does it get better? These people need to be stopped!


Beta testing WordPress

Wow…wow is all I can say. Such an honor to be selected for the WordPress beta program.

I really like the interface, you can tell they used some AJAX on the site. Heck the text area for a post is expandable even.

The post preview also shows the entire blog instead of just the simple post. Nice.

Let me putz around a bit and see what else lies under the covers.

BTW: no Technorati support built in that I can see.