Banned From Facebook For Quoting Pence

fullsizeoutput_57fa3 days ago I got an newsletter email from Querty which contained a story where in the 90s Mike Pence posted several urging employers not to hire gay people.

One of the lines from the article was, “Homosexuals are not as a group able-bodied. They are known to carry extremely high rates of disease brought on because of the nature of their sexual practices and the promiscuity which is a hallmark of their lifestyle.” It was originally written in this article from December 1993.

Now I’ve come out against the LGBTQ community recently and feel as if they are an internalized hate group, in that they are far crueler to the members of their own community than the (Christian) family members, friends and loved ones they were once scared to come out to. I’ve personally decided to distance myself and no longer consider myself gay as I do not want to be associated with the ideals, behaviors, actions, stereotypes, and utter hatred which the LGBTQ community secretes.

I also when I did move to San Francisco saw a lot of behavior which corroborates the last section of the quote. Rampant sex parties, orgies, unprotected deviant behaviors on a nightly basis. Looking back at it now, it seems so utterly disgusting and destructive. I honestly can’t say that there isn’t some truth to the quote.

Now Facebook’s Community Standards state in regard to hate speech, “Sometimes people share content containing someone else’s hate speech for the purpose of raising awareness or educating others about that hate speech. When this is the case, we expect people to clearly indicate their purpose, which helps us better understand why they shared that content.”

Well I quoted the now VP for something he wrote 24 years ago. I didn’t say it. I even used quotes and citation. So I don’t see how me posting a line from an article violates the Community Standards.

Yet here I am. Banned from Facebook for 30 days because someone reported my post as hate speech when by their definition is allowed in the manor which I posted. Give me back access to my Facebook Mark Zuckerberg!


Brian Tyler Boydston

Last night I found out that a friend of mine killed himself after he was bullied for being gay. Brian Tyler Boydston and I started talking on Twitter, and eventually became friends off of just social networks. We would call and talk and text each other when we just wanted to chat.

With high college course load and social life we lost touch but still would send each other the occasional text or message.

Last night I found out that he killed himself after being bullied for being gay.

My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

It is horrible that there are people out there who would drive a person to such an act… People like Matt Lederer and Chris Mallgren need to be stopped! They suggest that gay people kill them self! Their words are hateful and evil. No one should ever feel the need to kill them self, let alone have people like Matt Lederer and Chris Mallgren telling them directly that they should commit suicide.

Please stop spreading hated! It is supposed to get better, but when people are telling you that you should kill yourself, how does it get better? These people need to be stopped!