Google Glass Says Goodbye

Just under 2 months ago I wrote a post about how I was stopping using Google Glass from my daily life and putting it up on the shelf. Today Google has said that it’s putting the Explorers which helped show the world Glass on the shelf with the end of their Explorer Program.

2015/01/img_0074.jpgI’ve been reassured a by a few Glass employees that the warranty will still be applicable for the duration originally listed, and they subtly stated that issues such as #Foilgate will most likely be repaired in the future even out of warranty.

I’ve moved far away from Google though … I am now back on an iPhone (6 plus). I gave up the iPhone in favor of an Android phone when I got Google Glass because it tethered for free on Android, SMS was fully functional and two way on Android, and it just worked better if you had an Android phone. The One Plus One was by far the best Android phone I’ve ever had btw.

So now that I’m back on the Apple side of things, using Glass would entail a blue tethering bar on my phone all the time and not being able to send texts which eliminates a lot of the functionality I originally used Glass for.

I even gave up my Moto 360 (Android Wear) device and went back to a Pebble. It’s funny how the Pebble which was the original mainstream smart watch is now the dumbest in the bunch. There is no color screen, you can’t talk to it, nor touch it’s screen. I miss a lot of that functionality, but am anxious to get it all back and more with the Apple Watch.

For Glass though it is sad to see them giving up on the people who spend thousandS on the device, travel to buy the device, accessories, etc. They have stated that the hardware will continue to function and that the apps will still work, just no new development on this current hardware or apps. Also Nest’s creator Tony Fadell is overseeing Google Glass now as well as his Nest CEO responsibilities.

Google has stated that Glass is graduating from the Google X labs and into a real division of the company. So then why does it feel like they’ve given up. I guess closing the Explorer program is a clean way for them to separate from old form-factor and start fresh. It also leaves us hoping that they would let us exchange our Explorer Edition for a Consumer Edition out in the cold. It looks like we won’t be getting a free shiny upgrade. All of the feedback, phone calls, messages, talking about the product made us glorified beta testers who had to pay for the privilege to be. We are now left all alone with nothing but a 2 year old piece of hardware which still can’t even make it a whole day without a charge or 3 along the way.

Sales of the Explorer Edition end soon, and maybe that will drive up the price on sites like eBay and Swappa, but knowing that the hardware is end of life who would pay a premium for something that is nostalgia now?

My Glass still sits in the box. Unopened. Unused.

It’s nice to know that the looks I get from strangers now are because of how I look as opposed to the $1500 computer on my face.

It’s funny how far things have come in how I feel about the product, but if you search the more recent articles on Glass it seems as if I’m not the only one who has felt fatigue.

Will I buy the Consumer Edition of Google Glass? Let’s just say they really need to wow me on features, use cases, inter-OS-operability, and most of all battery life before I can even commit to a semi-firm yes to that question.

I’ve even begun to change my opinion on venues which don’t allow Glass. For example Purr Cocktail Lounge banned Glass one year ago this week and I haven’t been back since. However it was my favorite place to go for drinks. With more venues like The Lobby closing on Capitol Hill, and my use down to zero of Glass, I’d honestly like to go back … even though they don’t support or allow a product which I once was passionate about. I haven’t yet, but I’m open to the idea of it. Lost Lake however, fuck Dave Meinert who is an asshole for asshole sake and nothing more than a media and money hungry disgusting man.

I guess today’s announcement today about the Google Glass Explorer Program helps renew some hope for the product. However, there is a lot of work to be done, and maybe just maybe Google is amping up it’s efforts and really working to address these. I wish the team all the best and continue to talk about Glass on nearly a daily basis with those around me, I just hope that it can truly become the moonshot that they once promised us and that the social stigma against wearables of this type are won-over by widespread adoption.