Jeremie Wallis – Dangerous, Kidnapper, Bitter, Undermining, and Jealous

Jeremie WallisI’ve been in the national news cycle a few times in the past year, that’s no secret. There are always people who come out of the woodwork with comments both negative and positive. I want to focus on my particular person, Jeremie Wallis. From what I’m told my boyfriend/partner/lover Brian is friends with Jeremie and picked him up from the airport when Brian moved from Alaska in March of 2012. Every time that I’ve been in the news Jeremie comes out to post comments to Facebook on how he wishes he could save Brian from me and undermines our relationship. It’s disgusting that someone who doesn’t even know me other than what he reads online undermines the love I have for Brian. It’s disgusting and I’m sick of being silent about it.

Here is where Jeremie Wallis again suggests that he should had kidnapped Brian by drugging him until Brian loved him.



Here Jeremie Wallis is stating how I am a terrible waste of existence and how it breaks his heart that Brian is with me (and not him)



Here he suggests that I should kill myself by jumping off a bridge …


This man is dangerous, a potential kidnapper, bitter, undermining, and jealous. How dare you try to undermine what I have built with Brian, a person you call your friend. You are one who needs to be saved from. No one should have a friend who treats their friend’s partnership with such disgust. Adrian_Ryan_-__addidasisnotspanx__glasshole___DIAF


I suggest that Brian file a restraining order against this scary person who has expressed kidnapping and drugging thoughts towards Brian. Jeremie Wallis is dangerous! Be warned!


Here is a live version of Facebook where his comment is still up! These are not photoshop as this demented person is trying to claim. 

Live video showing I didn't photoshop Jeremiah Wallis' comments.

A video posted by Nick Starr-Street (@nick_starr) on

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