Updated History of Dating Nick (Tatum & Sam)

Here is an update to the most recent two dates I’ve had…granted they are nearly a year apart, but alas, I don’t get many dates… both involve a horrible first date, and no second date in sight…ever… In fact I’ve never had a second date with anyone. The entire history of dating Nick can be found here.

[Updated Jan 23rd, 2011]

Tatum (March 2010)- We met on some iOS app for gay dating/hookup. We talked for a bit, and finally decided to meet, and had dinner down by Stanford where he was going to school. The date went very wrong fast when he asked me when the last time I had sex was, and in my open and honest nature, I told him it was the day previous. His entire demeanor changed after that. It didn’t go well whatsoever. We did continue to hang out occasionally, and not date, but just go out as friends more or less…although he did meet my parents when they were in town and took us to the Tonga Room. Eventually, I told him I just wasn’t attracted to him, and that it wasn’t going anywhere.

Sam (Jan 21, 2010)- Sam and I also met on a gay hookup/ dating app when he was in town for No Pants day (apparently he has a history of going to such events based on his facebook albums). We talked for about 3 weeks, and he was quite sweet in trying to work around my schedule for when we would eventually go out. While we were talking and before we met, I went to Chicago and had a sex crazed weekend, and tweeted about it. He went to New Orleans that same weekend and spent it with and I quote, “the boy who would be his boyfriend, if it weren’t for the distance and the fact that he smoked.” We eventually had a nice dinner (although the yams were the best part about the food). We talked about our various tech habits, new apps, jobs, etc. The conversation went quite well, at this point there wasn’t any obvious chemistry, but that might be because he was waiting to spring my past weekend in Chicago on me. On the ride over to The Crunchies after party he stared asking me about my weekend in Chicago, quoting tweets to me such as this one, and this, and this. He told me that 5 of his friends independent of each other had sent him to my Twitter page to read thru my lascivious activities the previous weekend. No matter how much I tried to explain that while I very much do want a boyfriend, in the meantime I also have needs, wants, desires, etc…and I have always been open and honest about everything…it’s in part why so many people follow me online. Well my behavior the previous weekend was quite the turn off apparently to him. He drove me home and walked me to my front door. We spoke the next day, to which he expressed a desire to never see me again…. making that 1st date number 12…2nd date number zero still.

5 thoughts on “Updated History of Dating Nick (Tatum & Sam)

  1. Nick, you might not remember because you were obviously drunk and incoherent last night when you called me, but the reason I don’t want a second date isn’t your gross Chicago boy-nanza. It’s because you tweeted that you were going to run off with the bus boy while waiting for me to park my car which you requested I drive up to the city so we could use it to get around since you don’t have one.

    If you treat guys you’ve never met like they’re assholes before you even meet them, you shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t want to date you.

    • I tweeted that about running off with the bus boy as a simple joke. I had a distinct feeling earlier in the evening that I was going to be stood up (which you said later wasn’t entirely baseless), mainly due to it happening quite a number of times in the past. I had been waiting there for 45 minutes before you showed up, excuse me…I’m sorry 41 minutes and 37 seconds (I had the stopwatch running on my iPhone).

      So, the cute and albeit slightly small minded bus boy at one point caught my attention prior to your arrival as being attractive, and as I quite often do, tweeted something in jest for comical reasons, nothing more. I had no intentions of even talking to the bus boy, let alone running off with him, but I guess satire and a simple joke don’t go over well when in the context of written text.

  2. have you ever just thought about shutting the fuck up and not being a whore for once? obviously the way you act isnt getting you anywhere and the negative attention that this kinda child shit brings make you look even more like a castro hoe.think about it…your posts and sex acts dont get you where you want, so fucking change them and get with this program called LIFE.the internet is not your friend you need to know that.and stop talking about how you wanna kill yourself all over the internet, only fake bitches do that cuz the ones who talk about it never do it

  3. You say while your true desire is to be in a committed relationship with someone, in the meantime you have your “needs”. I find this to be reasonable of anyone. However, your needs seem to be on the very extreme side. I mean who wants to start dating a guy or girl, who just a week or so ago was practically bragging about being with a dozen or so guys in a one day? Would you? Wait, don’t answer that… I can tell you that to the vast vast vast vast vast majority of people, gay or straight, that is an absolute deal killer. I’m straight, and I love pussy, but if I meant the hottest chick in the world, and she was into me, then I found out that a week earlier she banged a dozen guys, (AND WAS PROUD OF IT!), there’s not a chance in the world i would EVER consider any type of future with her.

    Further, you have your needs. However judging from your tweets, one guy cannot satisfy your “needs”. I would have serious doubts about someone that has relations with double digit guys in one 24 hour period, could ever be faithful to just one mortal man or woman.

    And finally, while you take pride in your honestly, which is again reasonable, your tweets about your sexual escapades come across more then that. They come across as braggadocios. Like you think it is cool, each time you are with another guy. Yeah, I think sex is cool too. But I don’t think bragging about being a promiscuous slut us going to attract the BF material that you desire.

    Chronicling your promiscuity and sexual escapades is not attractive to more people who would consider BF material. You’re virtually a public figure and anyone with half a brain is going to google you (if they don’t know you already) and find out what you’re all about, which in my opinion is getting drunk and laid, as much as possible. No decent guy is going to want to date “that guy”

    You’re best hope is to change your image. Continue to be honest, but change the perception people have of you. Don’t feel you have to get laid every day, multiple times. Same with drinking – Don’t feel getting shit faced every day is a requirement. You may be surprised how people would react to a Nick Starr who sees the errors in his way, and wants to change.

    I hope you don’t take this as an attack. It’s not. It’s my honest opinion based on what I know. I really hope you take something away from what I say, but I also know you have an attitude of “I regret nothing I’ve ever done”. I’ve been following you since the SP Times tech article years ago.

    I hope you don’t take this as an attack, as that is not how it is intended. Excuse typos and such. I’m in a hurry.

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