Your Mom's Box

Famous last words of Opie and Anthony before they were kicked off the air … and a fitting title for this post. I’ve been in the social media “spotlight” every since the beginning days of podcasting back in 2004. I’ve had almost every aspect of my life discussed online…and in almost every case there were negative people bashing me and going out of their way to try to hurt me.

I’ve had:

  • My parents phone number listed on forums where people would call non-stop,
  • I had people fax naked pictures into my place of employment,
  • call my phone so much that I had to change my number a few times…and someone who worked for the cellular company I was with kept giving out my new number to these “haters.”
  • I had 2 of my tires slashed while waiting in line for the first iPhone.
  • I had people call up and pretend to have a job lined up for me when I was thinking of moving (thank God I didn’t fall for that one).
  • I had people anonymously (oh and that is the BIGGEST THING…is that they ALWAYS are anonymous…when I put my entire life online, you have to hide behind your fake username, email address, etc) email my place of work threatening to never go to the establishment again because they employed a homeless person like myself, when I was saving for my surgery.
  • I even have had someone call up the IRS and submit fake documentation that I was cheating on my taxes.

Most recently a few people have been texting me with personal information about my family, and myself. Here are the transcripts of the text messages being sent from a Google Voice number, once again showing the cowardice of the person hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

As you can see the harassment has been non-stop and gotten worse over the years. I don’t need it, I didn’t ask for it, and I haven’t done a single thing like this to anyone else. The phone number I listed above is the FIRST time I’ve ever publicly given out information about another person who. I don’t even give phone numbers to mutual friends who ask me for them.

I am sick of this. I don’t know why people have all this extra time on their hands where they can sit around and try to fuck with me, but I am done with it. I am going to try to live my life for my self, and not for others. I want to try to back away from social media in a large role as I have been currently, and move into a more casual user. I am not going away forever, although that might be the best option right now. I just don’t want to have to deal with mean people any longer.

That all being said, there have been infinitely more positive people and friends I’ve made along the way, and feel free to keep in contact with me, thru DM or email, etc. It is just the people who are vindictive and evil who ruin it for everyone.

With all that being said….I’m out for a while….

Your Mom’s Box.

Update: It would seem as if the threatening has not stopped….This is what was texted last night:


5 thoughts on “Your Mom's Box

  1. Wow. That might be the most fucked up and creepy text conversation I’ve ever read. Sorry to see you leave, always got great tech tips from you. I’ve also seen you turn into a much happier person in the last few months. I hope that continues for you… and fuck the haters. Will see you out. Peace, Nick.

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