Nick/Tuck is TODAY!!!

Today is the day…I know that I said before that it was canceled, postponed indefinitely, etc….but today is the day. I found a surgeon who I feel more comfortable with than any other Doctor which I’ve spoke with. He understood my problem areas including my back, chest, stomach, etc. I am going to be starting surgery about the time this blog post hits.

If you want to send me some love/feedback/well wishes, etc please feel free to Twitter me (@NickStarr) or leave a message in the comments below. Thanks for everyone’s support in the months and months I’ve saved up for this. I’m so excited that the day is finally here!

Nexus One on AT&T

I wrote before about my problems returning my Nexus One phone, and while I didn’t find it to be the best phone on the market, it wasn’t HORRIFIC…I love my iPhone 3GS and mainly all of the apps that go along with having an iPhone…however, the iPad is coming out next month, and I’m going to get a 3G model. I’ll be able to run all my favorite iPhone apps on it, as well as the new fuller featured iPad apps…so…

Time for an¬†experiment…I’m going to sell my iPhone 3GS on eBay, and purchase a new Nexus One for AT&T. I will have it in conjunction with my iPad, so I won’t lose all the great apps I’ve purchased since owning my iPhone. I am going to give it a full go…no safety net, no iPhone I can fall back on. Give the Android platform and Google a full go…for a few months that is.

Once Apple announces an updated iPhone, I will make my decision, and of course share that decision with you, on if I will upgrade to it, or keep the Nexus One. Stay tuned to my Twitter and here on my gripes, and