Online Dating…

Valentines Day is coming up, it’s a new year, and I figured I would full on into this online dating thing to see what happens. I signed up for after my friend Kyle (@KyleHD on Twitter) showed me their iPhone app.

So far I’ve sent out 185 messages (on OKCupid and more on, and gotten 7 replies. One creepy old men and the following 6 replies; I like to call these rejections, but well here is my problem. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL CHECKING YOUR EMAILS ON AN ONLINE DATING SITE IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP??? On top of that, why even bother write back? Just be like the other 178 douchebags and ignore my email completely.

Don’t make me all excited that I have a new message notification on my iPhone only to find out you are in a committed relationship…or worse, on an ONLINE DATING SITE AND NOT LOOKING FOR COMMITMENT…WTF? If you want a hookup go to Adam4Adam or or something…Jesus.

Also, I’ve been on 5 months, and 5 days. I have yet to get a single email, reply, wink, phone call request, anything. I sent out tons of messages every month on that site as well….nada. If I didn’t have Nick/Tuck coming up, I honestly don’t even know what I would have to live for.

(BTW side note: Should this post be titled Online Dating… given it hasn’t yielded a single date?)

Here are the rest of the responses from OKCupid:

The guy above lives in Palo Alto (which is pretty close, and easy to get back/forth via CalTrain btw)

5 thoughts on “Online Dating…

    • This is the email I send:

      I just recently signed up for this, and it is really my first attempt at the whole online dating thing, but here’s hoping.

      I moved to San Francisco from Tampa Bay, Florida about 2 years ago, and love many things about this city. There is so much culture, activities, events, and things to see and do, I’d just like to see and do them with someone special by my side.

      I like to go out and enjoy a new movie, relax at home with some friends, go out on the weekends and have fun in The Castro, and keep up with all the the latest trends.

      I don’t want this to get too long, so feel free to send me a message on here, and we can go from there.


  1. Just an observation — if you’re sending out the same message to every guy like a form letter, you’re going to get fewer responses. Yeah, it takes more time, but at least try to fake making the note sound sincere. As it is, it reads like a form letter. Now I can’t guarantee that this is what is happening, but if I got an email/request that sounded more like automated spam, I’d ignore it.

    Take the time and try to send more pointed, thoughtful notes. Put what you send out in your profile. Send shorter intro notes asking if they’d like to talk further.

  2. What Christina said.

    Give them some indication you actually read their profile. Highlight any interests that you seem to have in common with them. Ask them some questions about a hobby or two. Ask at least one question not covered in their profile. Personalize your email to them a bit more, and talk about yourself a bit less.

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