Google: Please Let Me Return My Nexus One

I ordered the Nexus One the very minute the site was launched; hell they hadn’t even announced the site was live at the Google event yet, and I was happy to pay my $579.26 to use the latest and greatest smart super phone on the market. I got free next day shipping, and it was in my hands with its amazing screen the next day.

I played with it, got a T-Mobile pre-paid account so I could use 3G in San Francisco, and even tried it with my AT&T sim card. I just wasn’t impressed. The battery was drained the first day I used it after a full charge in 4 hours. I was using it as much if not a bit less than my iPhone 3GS, yet the battery just up and died by 9pm, when I left work at 5pm with a full charge. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. So I turned off the live background and other things, but still wasn’t able to get much more life out of it the next day.

My iPhone 3GS is jailbroken, so I’ve had the ability to run background apps (like steaming Pandora, while on Grindr, and sending texts), so that wasn’t anything new to me. The apps aren’t all that refined, and what the hell is with that horrific orange that shows up throughout the OS when you click on things, etc. I just wasn’t impressed, and it certainly wasn’t the iPhone killer for me that I had hoped it would be. I seriously missed my push notifications, and the only thing I found myself using was the Gmail app, since it was the best version of an email client I’ve seen.

Now, I call up HTC (the makers of the Google Nexus One) on January 7th, asking to return the phone, knowing full well that there was a $45 restocking fee. They said FedEx would email me a shipping label within 24 hours. 24 hours later, nothing. I call again, again am told wait 24 hours, nothing. I call the following Monday and ask WTF? They say 24 hours later; I wait, nothing. I now am calling on a daily basis 24 hours after my previous call, so that I make sure that maybe just maybe at the 23rd hour and 59th minute they might email me; nothing.

I am now told that my calls have been “escalated” yet there is no one that I am allowed to speak with at that department, and I ask for the highest ranking supervisor where this rep is. I’ve done this at least 4 times now, and always put on a 10-15 minute hold, and eventually told again that my case has been “escalated” and that to just wait. I was even told that I would have to wait until after the MLK holiday, and I did, still nothing. No phone calls, no emails (not even in my spam filter), nothing.

Today is the 14th day that I’ve tried to get some resolution, and still nothing. I am GLAD that I live in California where you have 30 days to return your Nexus One, but in every other state is 14 days. If I didn’t live in California, I would be stuck with this phone simply because FedEx hasn’t sent me a label?

Is Google doing this on purpose to stick people with the phone? I know Google only sold a¬†disappointing¬†20,000 phones the first week, so are they trying to hold onto every sale they can? I don’t want this phone, I’ve canceled my T-Mobile account, and already gotten the check for my unused service. I want my money back for my Nexus One, I want a shipping label to send it back, and I just want to freaking return this phone. Someone help!

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