It's NOT Lipo

I am sick and tired of people commenting online and in person that I have gone homeless for liposuction…I am not fat (anymore) like a majority of Americans. I lost 100lbs and have kept it off for over a year now. gesu_01_img0010

Because I grew up heavy and my entire life until I decided to diet and exercise I was overweight, I have excess skin from a lifetime of being fat. I’ve had consultations with a few different plastic surgeons, who ALL agree that the proper procedure for me is an abdominoplasty, aka tummy tuck.

So don’t lump me in with these fat gross messes who choose not to the weight on their own…I FUCKING DID! I just want to complete the process, and finally feel good about how I look with my shirt off.


9 thoughts on “It's NOT Lipo

  1. “these fat gross messes who can’t lose the weight on their own”

    What a lovely attitude you have toward your less successful fellow human beings.

    • First off it isn’t lipo…you obviously didn’t read the post. I have spoken with a number of Doctors in the SF areas, and $8,000 is around the average price. I have horrific credit and can’t even get a credit card that they give 18yr olds for $300. There is no way that I can get financed for an elective surgery.

  2. hang in there, nick! you lost all this weight and made it this far, so keep on surviving. sorry things are going bad at work. maybe this is god’s way of finding you a new job where you can make more money and meet your goals faster. i have faith in you!

  3. Good for you. This is drive. I am happy you lost the weight and have found a way to what makes you be you and happy. Much luck and Stuff!

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