Questions and Answers

After one night on the streets, I will say that it is going to be tough, but I hope that this venture only lasts around 6 months in order to save the money I need for the first part of my surgery, aka $8,000.

It is a bit time consuming for me to answer everyone’s questions each and every time they are asked, especially since most of the questions are repeated, so I will list them here, answer them, and update this post if need be.

Q) Why are you homeless? Is it some sort of social experiment?

A) No it isn’t some sort of social experiment. I have gone through this answer numerous times here, here, here, and here. The bottom line is that I lost 100lbs and for my body to adjust properly to the weight loss, it is recommended by multiple doctors that I get an abdominoplasty, aka tummy tuck, to get rid of the excess skin and residual fat. To get my torso in the most presentable fashion, it is also recommended that I get my flanks fixed as well as the removal of my Gynecomastia, aka male breasts, treated.

Q) Why not just save up and live some where?

A) I’ve NEVER been good with money, as evidenced in the course of my 20-some years here on earth. I have a horrible credit score, I have wage garnishment for my student loans, and basically live paycheck to paycheck. I can’t get financing for a $300 credit card, and was barely able to find a bank to offer me a checking account. I’ve been with my current job a little over a year now, and lived in one of the cheapest places I’ve ever seen in San Francisco at $775/month. I would scrape by paycheck to paycheck, often not having enough for food or anything else by the time the next paycheck came along.

I lived in my car for a little over a year before, and find rent to be one of the largest and unnecessary expenses in my life. I KNOW that 99.99% of you don’t see it this way, but I do, so fuck off. While living in my car, I didn’t have a set goal, like I do now for the surgery, but I was able to afford the things I wanted and live my life in a happy manor.

Q) Where will you shower?

A) I prepaid for a 2 year gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness through this offer at Costco for $299. That works out to just under $12.50 a month. I’ve NEVER seen a gym deal that good ever. This also gets me in the gym more often, aka every day in order to work out and subsequently shower.

Q) Are you crazy?

A) Read this. Short answer no, I just don’t think the same way, or have the same priorities as you may have.

Q) How soft is cement?

A) Not at all. After my 1st night on the streets, I need to get some sort of padding, or more cushy sleeping bag.

Q) What about a hostel, or cheaper place to live?

A) A hostel in San Francisco is around $25-$45 a night, and thus more than I was paying for rent before. I want to get to my goal of $8,000 as fast as possible. This is the quickest way I know. Check out this listing for apartments in San Francisco. Do you see ONE which is less than the $775 I was paying?

Q) Where does your mail go? Where do you keep your stuff?

A) I got a PO Box 1 block away from work, and I have a friend who has graciously offered his garage to me for a 2nd time since moving to San Francisco during this period to store my stuff.

Q) Are you gay?

A) Umm yes read this.

Q) How long will this last?

A) I am trying to save up the $8,000 needed for just the abdominoplasty part of the surgeries I want. This will take around 6 months by saving on my own. I would LOVE to get all of three procedures done at the same time, but the cost is around $15,000 for all three. The tummy tuck is the one considered most prominent by the doctors I’ve seen and thus it is the one I want the most.

Q) What can I do to help?

A) Well I am taking donations on this site, just click the Nick Tuck logo. Also if you have a place to crash for a night, few nights, etc. I’ll sleep in a garage, couch, backyard, etc I don’t care. Anything is better and safer than sleeping on the streets. Other than that referrals to Doctors who might perform the operation at a lower cost/pro bono, or just an encouraging word or email goes a long way.

Q) How much are you saving per month?

A) Well with my estimated expenses and based on my income, I am able to save around $1,500 a month, which is around 5 months and a few weeks to reach my goal. I am also trying to cut back as much a possible, and spend less than $20 a day on food and all other expenses. You can follow a Twitter account I made for that goal here (@20aDay). Also my main Twitter account is @NickStarr and I have one for my procedure @NickTuck.

I hope this answers a majority of the questions I have been getting in some fashion or another. Please feel free to leave more in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, etc and I will add them to this list.


Q) Why don’t you buy a junk car and park in a paid parking lot? (Mary from the comments)

A) Mary you most likely don’t live in San Francisco. Parking lots in the city range from $300+ per month in terms of parking. I HIGHLY doubt that they allow for people to live in cars in these lots either. Paying al this extra money for expenses which I don’t need such as a car, registration, insurance, and a garage will set me even further back on my goals.


18 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Why don’t you buy a junk car for 500 bucks, park it in a “paid” parking lot for 6 months (that is another $500 bucks) then you will have a place to sleep and you won’t have to worry about sleeping in the rain or getting mugged.

    Seems like a no brainer to me.

  2. Why would your friends (since you seem to consider all the thousands of people who follow you on twitter as your friends when they subscribe to your posts like they would subscribe to Us Weekly or People magazine – for entertainment – you need to learn that they are not your friends) put you up when all you talk about is drinking to much, stumbling home, wondering how you got home and screwing everything that crosses your path – you have no depth. I laughed out loud when I read you post the other day that you were reading a book. Please. You have zero normalcy in your life. Try and stop living for your twitter posts and how you can shock people and start living for yourself. Make some friends that are real – virtual!!!! Someone you can touch and see – good old fashioned friend.
    Come on Nick grow up.

  3. Hey man, if you’re trying to save money, why have you been living in San Francisco of all places? You can cross the Bay and pay half as much for rent on the other side. And as a bonus, since you seem to enjoy frequent anonymous sex, it’s closer to Steamworks. Good luck to you, mate.

  4. Mary, I really think you need to shut the hell up and stop trying to tell someone else how to live. You say that you’ve subscribed to Nick’s posting on facebook and twitter for “entertainment”?? So what your really saying (or at lest how I look at it as) your life is sooo boring that you refresh you browser window every 5-10 minutes just to see what Nicks and others are up to. If you don’t like him or have a problem with him then why the heck is he on your friends list? Then you have the balls to tell him what you think he’s doing wrong. You really need to get yourself a hobby bitch learn how to make a quilt or somethin

  5. lol JD – Nick is our daily office fodder…. It is like watching big brother or survivor. We are developers in our shop so we have the “Nick Feed” so we can all see on the over head monitor all his antics…isn’t that why he blogs?

    I am not a twitter member nor do I follow any other twitters. He is not on my “friends” list cause I don’t know him. I have the balls to tell him what I think cause when people chose to air their lives on the “WORLD WIDE WEB”, they are allowing people access to their lives and as such subject themselves to other peoples views and opinion.

    Is what I am saying really off the mark? Nick complains all the time that he has no real friends and I am trying to point out that he should not confuse followers on twitter with friendship. Am I wrong? I am guessing I am not since Nick himself says he has not been offered a place to sleep on anyones couch. Friends would not let their friends sleep on the streets. Step up JD – offer him a place to sleep. …

    Nick sounds like a nice guy who needs to get his shit together. He has lived in SF for how ever long and still cannot say he has a good friend who will let him sleep on their couch? That is an issue. Why is that?

    We all have lots of hobbies – but they are real hobbies – not virtual so you might not be familiar with them.

  6. Something is fishy here. Why aren’t there any pictures of you on the streets, where you sleep, what you sleep in? Also, using the sex sites you frequent on a regular basis, Twitter, etc – how in the hell do you keep your battery going? I figure you charge everything at work but you also say you do so at Starbucks but you don’t buy coffee. So you just walk into a Starbucks and plug your computer, iphone into a wall and you don’t order anything? And it’s not like you stay at Starbucks all night – so even after you have everything charged at Starbucks, how do you keep your computer and IPhone on overnight?

  7. Mary, you make a great point about Nick’s friends (vs. followers). I’m not going to say that Nick Starr is a fat, pathetic loser because that’s been pointed out over and over and over and over again. We can just take that as fact.

    Here’s my question: Nick, do you bleach your hair in the gym locker room or in the bathroom at Steamworks?

  8. Nick,

    I wish you well. I removed you from my FaceBook and Twitter streams because I think you have a lot going for you, I like you (we met briefly AFK) and it’s simply too distressing.

    I’ve known and loved people who have bipolar and alcoholism and other disorders and it’s awful and painful. I understand and support your getting surgery, but as so many have commented, the insides are even more important.

    There was a commenter on another post who suggested Standford or some other way to get help; another suggested a reality show. Honestly, I think they’re both good ideas to consider.

    Also, I know you’re not living homeless as a project, but maybe you should consider looking into a fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas. For about $100 and some paperwork, you can start receiving donations that give people tax credits. You just have to write a budget that accounts for money spent as enabling an artistic project — blog, research, etc.

    I’m rooting for you and I hope you don’t take offense that I’m going to occasionally check in rather than have your stream as part of my daily intake.

    Another thought: couch surfing sites are really for travelers but maybe you could find a few people willing to overlook that:

  9. Why not get it done in Bangkok. They do it at a quarter of the cost, their surgeons are mostly trained in the US. And Bangkok is well known for medical tourists.

    I got a nose job in Bumrungrad/Bangkok in 2005 and they are just ace.

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