I Need An Allowance

moneytroubleI really wish I had someone who could manage all of my money (there isn’t much) for me and put the money I can afford to spend into a seperate account. Those type of people often cost money, and since I’m not talking about very much, it is tough to find someone to do that for cheap. 

That being said, what is the average amount or percent which I should set aside for myself? Right now I estimate that after bills, not including food, I have around $1300 extra a month left over. I just got my tax return, so I am in the green right now (although it might be going towards a deposit on a new apartment). I would like to set aside $250 into a seperate savings account, which is already setup through work, but I always end up needing to pull it every paycheck. Now that I am ahead right now, I am going to try to build that up. 

So with food costs being miniminal…I maybe spend a few hundred a month on food. With the $250 savings, and lets say food is another $250, I have around $800 per month in which I can “play with.” A night out typically consists of pulling $40 out of the ATM, and spending most, but never all of it. Going out on JUST Friday & Saturday every week is about $320. I typically go out on Thursdays and often Sundays as well. With all of that, it brings my total to $640 on going out…..only $160 left of my disposable income. 

Ugh…I think I need a second job.