Money, Money, Money

moneyIt is what half of this election was all about…it’s the economy stupid. While I am happy with my job and make enough money to get by, it seems that if I am always behind on bills and that I run out of money before I get my next paycheck. I have been doing payday loans of $500, and paying back at $555 nearly every 2 weeks now, and am still paying off a payday loan of $1,500 which I got so that I could move into my apartment back in May. On top of all that, I am now paying back student loans every month now as well. It seems to leave me with almost nothing…

I’m behind on my cell phone bill 2 months, and have had my cable internet turned off

Now I am not saying I am responsible with my money. I go out all the time and spend money on doing so. While I don’t go out to eat41ggz9kwil_sl160_aa115_ virtually ever, going out at night can cost a lot over the long haul. Quite honestly I haven’t really purchased any new technology in a long time. Right now I am REALLY wanting an Eee PC 1000HA, as I travel some for work and want something small to take with me, but I can’t afford it right now…and it is only around $400.

I think it is about time to start to get things in line financially. Now I know the best way is to just stop going out and spending money…now if I were to go home every night I would be bored out of my mind and never see my friends. Personally, I know that I couldn’t just sit at home on my ass on a Friday or Saturday night…or any other for that matter…and be happy.

jobwantedSo…what do I do? I think that getting a 2nd job might solve a bunch of problems. It will provide a 2nd source of income, and since I have a M-F 9-5 right now, it will keep me busy at night when I tend to be out spending money. The problem is finding one that I won’t totally hate. Any suggestions are appreciated. One of my favorite ones so far is a barback at a bar that I frequent…which sort of is an interesting idea and sort of not. I don’t want to burn any bridges at a place where I like to spend large amounts of time, so I try to shy away from a 2nd job where if I quit or am fired that I won’t be allowed back…or it would be awkward. I’m looking online, but I think the best way would be to just go out applying. Retail is always easy to get, and with not being able to work during the daytime hours, sometimes that is all that is readily available.

As of today, I am going to go out and start applying a few places and see what if anything pans out…wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money

  1. That’s why I go to tech parties. They don’t cost anything. I haven’t gone out and spent a lot of money in a long long time and generally never go out on the weekends.

    Retail is great in holiday times. I understand how hard it is right now with money. Sorry you’re having problems but you’re not alone.

  2. Hey Nick, You’re already bloggin and you seem to have a following – how about turning this traffic into dollars by adding some adsense, or kontera advertising codes…you can make a good amount of extra money every month if you place your ad’s appropriately…just thought I suggest some avenues that have worked for me as well…..have a good one.

  3. Definitely don’t work where you like to hang out. Bar work can be lots of fun, as long as it doesn’t keep you up too late. If you start to hang out with bartenders, be prepared to be up past dawn a lot!

    I work as a food server in a sports establishment because it is very flexible (most nights, I’m out by 8pm!) and it is not any place I would hang out. Work is work. Don’t mix it with your social life.

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