I'm a text messaging addict

I don’t know if there is an AA for text messagers, but if there were I would be a member. I’ve gone so far as to cancel my voice service on my phone, and have unlimited 3G data and unlimited SMS messages (don’t ask how) for $50/month.

If you want to contact me there are many ways to do so. Texting is the preferred method, but if you don’t have my number you can send me a direct message via Twitter and I get it as a text message. Heck you can even do Twitter via SMS by sending your updates, direct messages, and replies to 40404 (in the US only).

On top of texts, I am on email virtually all day long, and my email address hasn’t changed in years: me at NickStarr dot com.

I’m on IM services as well:
AIM: NickStarr
GoogleTalk: NickStarr (at) Gmail (dot) com
Yahoo: NickStarr_cc
MSN: me at NickStarr dot com
Skype: NickStarr

Of course there is Facebook as well, and with their new IM service the service has become something I keep open all the time as well. Add me as a friend on facebook and send me a message.

So send me a message to say hi or just want to talk, can’t promise I am free ALL the time, but I’m around quite a bit.

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