Time to set some new goals

When I first started off at the beginning of the year, I wanted to get to 160lbs before Pride. I managed to reach that goal weeks before Pride and according to my scale last night I am down to 155.1 lbs.

When I was in Toronto, I couldn’t help notice that I still am not where I want to be with my body, and personally with my life. My room (and this is no shocker to anyone who has known me) is quite messy…I still haven’t really unpacked things after moving in a few months ago. Financially, quite honestly I am not well off at all. Finally, physically I want to be….and this is a major thing for me…able to take off my shirt and not be embarrassed or scared.

Gibbs Homecoming at 17 yrs old

Ever since I was a little child, I can remember my mom going and picking out the “husky” sized jeans for me to wear. I for an entire summer didn’t eat very much in high school, and dropped to the weight in the picture above. That was my junior year of high school…and I had girlfriend after girlfriend. I felt confident and good about how I looked.

Now that I am down to the weight I want to be at, I would like to start working on more then simply cardio and a little weights. I want to tone up, as I am now left with the flab of a former 220 lb frame. My tummy still sticks out some, my arms are flabby and not muscular at all. Now I HATE physical labor and working out…so this is going to be a HUGE challenge for me.

I am going to with everything in me start working out on a bi-daily basis. I will do weights & gym equipment in the morning, followed by my standard 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. I also want to incorporate maybe another 30 minutes on an exercise bike to make my cardio up to an hour long. Also doing crunches every time I am at the gym should help work my stomach out.

San Francisco Pride 2008

Now I mentioned before that I am not good with money. I spend it like it is going out of style, so getting a personal trainer is a priority for me, but I want to make sure that I am secure financially first.

Finally, my room. I am going to, after working out tonight, start to clean up. It is quite a mess, and I have 2 cabinets that are still not put together. Like I said, I hate HATE HATE cleaning…so it is going to be quite a task. I also think I want to get rid of my queen sized Aero bed, as it takes up a large majority of my room. I’m thinking a futon might be a better and more reliable choice, and will take up quite a bit less space.

I think with a cleaner room, it will help motivate me to be less lazy and be happier….being around a mess can be depressing, especially when you know you “should” clean it up.

I want to blog more, I just feel like I am short on time. I think getting my life into more of a pattern and schedule will help me. I am not good at sticking to things…AT ALL, so maybe some structure will help me out.

BTW I don’t want to set any hard and fast goals on this one, but I would like to be able to post a picture with no shirt on by the end of the year, and be comfortable with it.


4 thoughts on “Time to set some new goals

  1. Sitting down and writing out tasks to reach our goals really helps!

    I have two bulletin boards and I go through 2 stakes of post-its a month! you just need to be really really anal retentive to train yourself to reach goals!

    on rooms space, I think your going to love having a futon! I have had one and it really opens up space for Entertaining ( if you know what I mean) because I know some times you not always going to use the bed… hee hee

    However… I think your primary goal should be orbing back to the awesome Land of Canada and the every so happening City of Toronto.

  2. Hey Nick,

    I saw that Scoble replied to something you said on twitter and found your site. Even though I don’t know you, I’m proud of you that you achieved your goal. Sounds like you’re having some other difficulties, but that’s to be expected whenever someone takes responsibility for their life. You are at a turning point right now.

    I’d like to recommend Steve Pavlina’s blog to you. I think you would get a lot of value out of reading this: http://www.stevepavlina.com/articles/cultivating-burning-desire.htm

    In my experience, Steve Pavlina’s site is a treasure trove of wisdom. (and no I’m not getting any kind of kick-back for mentioning it. just a friendly recommendation)

    Best of luck to you, Nick.

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