Apple's new MobileMe for $69!

Today Apple announced it would be replacing their .Mac service with a new subscription service called MobileMe. It is “Exchange for the rest of us.” It will allow for push calendars, e-mail, and contacts for anyone who can’t afford the thousands of dollars to build their own Microsoft Exchange server. It runs the same price as .Mac at $99, but here is how to get it for only $69!

Right now, and there is no telling how long this will go for, but you can buy .Mac 5.0 (the version doesn’t matter as it is an online subscription) for $69 on Amazon*.

On top of all of the great new MobileMe features, which allow you to sync between your PC, Mac and iPhone seamlessly over the air, all of the other great .Mac features are still included. Things like publishing your iWeb sites, sharing photos and movies from iLife, syncin your Mac computers,  accessing your iDisk from the Finder, and find your Mac remotely with Back to My Mac.

Here is the page that details your .Mac account will be automatically upgraded and switched to a MobileMe account just as soon as the service launches (roughly early July).

So, if you want to get all of the great features that MobileMe is going to provide for your new iPhone 3G, as well as the great features .Mac has been offering for years, why not buy it and save over 30% off the price Apple is charging.

*If you use the links for .Mac on Amazon through this post I get a few bucks.