It is rare to find a good .fm site…well I honestly only knew of one before today, (which is great for the whole social music experience). Well I got a beta invite code to a new service called I had honestly no idea what it was but saw some buzz about it thru the Twitterverse today.

I signed up and found the ability to import my other social microbloggging platforms. So of course I add Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Tumblr, and Facebook (although I update my Facebook status thru a Twitter program). Adding all the services was drop dead simple and took only a few minutes as some sites require API keys.

Once I was up and running, apparently it sends out a message thru the service to make sure it is working and to tell all your friends of the new service you are trying out. There is even an AIM interface where you can post thru IM and they give you a unique email address to send your updates to.

If you have used,, or any of the other services that pretty much stink on ice try out It is fast, reliable, and hasn’t lost a single message yet.

USE BETA CODE: nickstarr, but there are only a VERY limited number of invites…so hurry and sign up NOW! (Sign up here)


4 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t see the point in cross-posting among microblogging sites. The whole point of having different microblogging platforms is to communicate to the same or a different audience with different content.

    I won’t be using this service.

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