Chat with Nick Starr

Many have noticed the Chat with Nick Starr over on the top left corner of the site, I want to first off apologize. The service is run by Google thru Google Talk, which I am on nearly 24/7 now that I am back to carrying a BlackBerry Curve around again. The problem is that it ONLY works when I am on my computer inside of Gmail or using the Google Talk widget (which I never use b/c I am typically in Gmail). If you send me a message and I don’t reply, I am honestly not ignoring you. I am most likely on my BlackBerry where I get a message that someone is trying to chat with me, but to click a link that doesn’t work since there is no Flash on the BlackBerry.

If I don’t answer and you want to get a hold of me, my email address is and always will be: me (at) NickStarr (dot) com. Like I said, I carry my BlackBerry around with me all the time, so I am pretty easy to reach. Also, if you are a BlackBerry user you can PIN message me, my PIN is: 244BB167.

Again, sorry if I don’t reply…Until Google fixes this so it works with any Google Talk client (especially ones they put out, this will continue to be a problem).


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