3 Months Later…

comparision photos

At the beginning of the year, I made a vow (New Years Resolution if you will) to lose weight this year. How so cliche that is, I know. As it turns out, I joined a gym, and am going regularly. I also have been dieting and I think the above picture shows the results.

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day thinking I hadn’t really lost a lot of weight in my face, guess I was wrong. I feel lighter all around, and I can see my tummy shrinking slowly but surely.

As I mentioned in my Life As Nick Starr blog, I would like to get down to 160ish by around June, when I plan on heading home to Florida to visit my family. I estimate I was around 200 at the beginning of the year (give or take) and now I am down to 175…only 15 more pounds to go…

6 thoughts on “3 Months Later…

  1. hey Nick,

    Nice work Nick, looking good… Just one question how much weight are you losing a week?

    I am a body builder, when i first started to body build I was 210, I did some really stupid things and lost 60 lbs. in 2 months and from losing weight so fast I caused myself to have kidney problems! Just make sure you are not losing more than 5 lbs a week! Now I keep it save!


  2. Good work. I really need to follow your great example and loose some weight myself.

    Working as a computer tech, and studying on the evenings doesn’t really helps me loose weight 😉

  3. hey man, glad to hear that things are working out! i’ve been in kind of a similar situation since i gained about 30 pounds last year (started working 2 jobs, stopped going to karate, and partied way too much 😛 ). i started swimming a couple of months ago, though, and it’s been going really well! btw, when are you gonna be back in FL? i haven’t made my plans yet (not sure if i’ll be teaching over the summer or not) but if we’re down there around the same time, we’ll have to hit m&j for some wings, for old time’s sake 😛

  4. Hey Nick, congratulations man! Just saw the blog and its great to see you lose the weight. I know you have been working on getting to the gym before the New Year’s. But curious how you lost the weight. I managed to do it in a few months by cutting calorie intake and working out but still got more to lose.

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