Social Media Sites

I admit, I have dropped the ball quite a bit in terms of blogging and keeping up with updates on here. I am pretty occupied these days with work and trying to make it out here in the San Francisco area. In doing so, I haven’t really been keeping up that much with friend requests, etc from all of the various social media sites out there.

Obviously my favorite is Twitter. It is a site where you can “micro-blog” your thoughts, what you are doing, where you are going, etc in 140 characters from a mobile phone, computer, etc. If you want you can add me as a friend on Twitter. You can also read the NY Times article about me and Twitter which was published a few months back.

Facebook is pretty much the biggest in terms of being the talk of the town. There are so many plugin programs and add-ons that make Facebook a cool place to get lost in for hours. Add me as a Facebook friend.

I'm on Pownce

Pownce is a service created by Leah Culver. It is similiar to Twitter, but you can send files and reply to others posts. I tend to not use this service as much, but with I am now posting my updates to the site, and responding when others reply to a post. Add me as a Pownce friend.

Jaiku is similar to Pownce and Twitter just not as popular in the US. Add me as a Jaiku friend.

FriendFeed brings all of the major sites together in one place. I’m not a huge fan of this service right now, but it is getting a huge buzz. It is sort of a river of friends. Add me as a FriendFeed friend.

LinkedIn is a professional type Facebook. It is all about business contacts, making new connections, and building your network on a professional level. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you should get one. They are one of the fastest growing sites around and sign up over 1 new person per second. Add me as a LinkedIn friend. is a great site for connecting your music taste with those around you. It was recently bought by CBS, but hasn’t lost any of its amazing features. It also “scrobbles” your music that is playing in iTunes, WMP, etc and helps you track your listening habits. Add me as a friend.

Upcoming is a great way to find out to help you get out of the house and find the great parties of the night. Concerts, parties, events, meetups, etc are all found on Upcoming in your area. You can check out who will be there, and see a map of where it is. Add me as an Upcoming friend.

Yelp is an amazing service. It is full of user reviews of restaurants, shops, laundry mats, hair stylist, bar, and any other business you can think of in the area. It is started as most social media sites and startups in the San Francisco area, and it has really taken off here. The downside is that it hasn’t taken off in many other areas. If you are moving to SF, or even just want to check out some new places to eat/hangout Yelp is a great service. Add me as a Yelp friend.

All of that being said, I am in the process of redesigning the website to have more a Web 2.0 / Social Media type feel and vibe. I am sort of happy with the redesign so far, but need to spice it up a bit more. Hopefully the changes will be live on the site within the next few weeks. In doing so, I also hope to further intergrate the various social media sites I do use with the blog here to bring more content to all that have faithfully subscribed to my site for the long time it has been running.

Well I hope to make some new connections, and find some old one that I might of forgotten. Add me to your favorite social media site, and email me AT NickStarr dot com with any thoughts on other sites you like or think I should try out.

It is rare to find a good .fm site…well I honestly only knew of one before today, (which is great for the whole social music experience). Well I got a beta invite code to a new service called I had honestly no idea what it was but saw some buzz about it thru the Twitterverse today.

I signed up and found the ability to import my other social microbloggging platforms. So of course I add Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Tumblr, and Facebook (although I update my Facebook status thru a Twitter program). Adding all the services was drop dead simple and took only a few minutes as some sites require API keys.

Once I was up and running, apparently it sends out a message thru the service to make sure it is working and to tell all your friends of the new service you are trying out. There is even an AIM interface where you can post thru IM and they give you a unique email address to send your updates to.

If you have used,, or any of the other services that pretty much stink on ice try out It is fast, reliable, and hasn’t lost a single message yet.

USE BETA CODE: nickstarr, but there are only a VERY limited number of invites…so hurry and sign up NOW! (Sign up here)

Chat with Nick Starr

Many have noticed the Chat with Nick Starr over on the top left corner of the site, I want to first off apologize. The service is run by Google thru Google Talk, which I am on nearly 24/7 now that I am back to carrying a BlackBerry Curve around again. The problem is that it ONLY works when I am on my computer inside of Gmail or using the Google Talk widget (which I never use b/c I am typically in Gmail). If you send me a message and I don’t reply, I am honestly not ignoring you. I am most likely on my BlackBerry where I get a message that someone is trying to chat with me, but to click a link that doesn’t work since there is no Flash on the BlackBerry.

If I don’t answer and you want to get a hold of me, my email address is and always will be: me (at) NickStarr (dot) com. Like I said, I carry my BlackBerry around with me all the time, so I am pretty easy to reach. Also, if you are a BlackBerry user you can PIN message me, my PIN is: 244BB167.

Again, sorry if I don’t reply…Until Google fixes this so it works with any Google Talk client (especially ones they put out, this will continue to be a problem).

3 Months Later…

comparision photos

At the beginning of the year, I made a vow (New Years Resolution if you will) to lose weight this year. How so cliche that is, I know. As it turns out, I joined a gym, and am going regularly. I also have been dieting and I think the above picture shows the results.

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day thinking I hadn’t really lost a lot of weight in my face, guess I was wrong. I feel lighter all around, and I can see my tummy shrinking slowly but surely.

As I mentioned in my Life As Nick Starr blog, I would like to get down to 160ish by around June, when I plan on heading home to Florida to visit my family. I estimate I was around 200 at the beginning of the year (give or take) and now I am down to 175…only 15 more pounds to go…