Pepsi Stuff – Free Music & More

Last year was an exception, but the previous two years Pepsi has had superbowl ads where you could get free iTunes songs with a 1:3 chance of winning. There are certain sites that displayed the information on how to “cheat” the system and always end up with a winner.

pepsi cheat

Well Perez Hilton posted the (watch it soon as it will probably be pulled from YouTube soon) Justin Timberlake/Pepsi Superbowl (oops I mean The Big Game) ad. Watch it here (or below):

If you go to it has a count down where the promotion starts tonight at midnight. Every “sip” gets you closer to music, sweepstakes, apparel, and more. I personally don’t care about the other stuff, I just want the free music. With the previous iTune/Pepsi offers I have gotten around 500 or so free songs.

Now here’s the catch, the promotion isn’t with iTunes this year, it is with Amazon and their DRM-Free music store. Hey I am all for DRM-Free music, I just don’t find it as easy to shop for music on Amazon, but if it free, I can’ certainly find the time.

So, stay tuned to to find out all of the details, and start buying winners.

P.S. Pepsi can you please include these caps in the Pepsi One bottles? I just can’t stand Diet Pepsi.


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