Airport Extreme Users: Where's the Outrage?

time capsule

Maybe there are a bunch of people who have forgotten what Steve Jobs at the WWDC in 2007, but with the power of YouTube we can recall the lies his keynote from back then. Watch the video below at around the 1:42 mark and beyond:

Steve Jobs specifically say that the Airport Extreme will be able to backup via Time Machine wirelessly to your AirDisk….So why did they come out with Time Capsule without adding the functionality into the Airport Extreme like they said they would? There are countless people that I know personally who own an Airport Extreme that should be pissed (and some are) that they can’t back up their macs with their $179 router.

Heck, Steve Jobs even goes as far as saying that you can back up multiple macs with the Airport Extreme, the same functionality as Time Capsule. I don’t know about you, but if I owned an Airport Extreme I would be emailing steve myself ( or the email address more likely to get you an answer: .

P.S. Yes I do love Apple and all of the great products they produce, I just don’t like it when they force us into buying the same product twice, especially after promising the same functionality the first time around.


4 thoughts on “Airport Extreme Users: Where's the Outrage?

  1. I’m thinking it might be fixed with 10.5.2, there are a lot of other updates including remote disk from what I’ve been reading, so perhaps this as well.

    I hope so. I’d love to add 1 TB disk, but I’m more inclined to split it into a RAID configuration so that if my backup disk fails, I’m not totally screwed. I also want to use it for more than just time machine. Still not sure you can mix data with time machine.

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