More Evidence of iTunes Digital Copy?

Fox Digital Copy

Here are some spy shots of the new Family Guy – Blue Harvest Special Edition (w/ limited-edition collectibles) DVD from Fox that will be released on Tuesday. There is no mention on the back of the box of iTunes, iPods, or the digital copy. There is however a special sticker on the front of the shrink wrapping indicitating it comes with a “Digital Copy.”

Fox Digital Copy

Fox has done this before with movies like Live Free or Die Hard, and even has a website setup for Digital Copy (link), with no mention of iPod support. The problem is that Digital Copy has never worked with an iPod, Zune, or PSP. Will this new Digital Copy work now with an iTunes or was the previously leaked screenshot a fake? The world will know on Tuesday after Steve Jobs gives his keynote at the Macworld Expo & Conference.

Fox Digital Copy


One thought on “More Evidence of iTunes Digital Copy?

  1. I’m excited to see movies moving to digital more & more. Hopefully, one day production companies will start a simultaneous theatrical/DVD/digital release system.

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