Pepsi Stuff – Free Music & More

Last year was an exception, but the previous two years Pepsi has had superbowl ads where you could get free iTunes songs with a 1:3 chance of winning. There are certain sites that displayed the information on how to “cheat” the system and always end up with a winner.

pepsi cheat

Well Perez Hilton posted the (watch it soon as it will probably be pulled from YouTube soon) Justin Timberlake/Pepsi Superbowl (oops I mean The Big Game) ad. Watch it here (or below):

If you go to it has a count down where the promotion starts tonight at midnight. Every “sip” gets you closer to music, sweepstakes, apparel, and more. I personally don’t care about the other stuff, I just want the free music. With the previous iTune/Pepsi offers I have gotten around 500 or so free songs.

Now here’s the catch, the promotion isn’t with iTunes this year, it is with Amazon and their DRM-Free music store. Hey I am all for DRM-Free music, I just don’t find it as easy to shop for music on Amazon, but if it free, I can’ certainly find the time.

So, stay tuned to to find out all of the details, and start buying winners.

P.S. Pepsi can you please include these caps in the Pepsi One bottles? I just can’t stand Diet Pepsi.

Google Doodle: 50th Lego Anniversary

lego 50

Typically with a Google Doodle, the doodle is clickable and takes you to a search result page about the updated google logo, but today it doesn’t. The only information they give is a MouseOver that says today is the 50th anniversary of the Lego brick, and they are right it is.

I’m sure as kids most everyone had legos at some point growing up. I know people my age and beyond that still collect them and build various lego creations.

Well happy birthday Lego, you have had a place in countless lives over the years.

P.S. The Erector Set has been around since 1911, making it 97 years old this year. 

Uploader for Google Docs

gdocs uplaodr

Today Google released an uploader utility for Google Docs. The utility is not JUST an uploader it also shows all of your docs that are currently on Google, and allows you to double click on them and open them inside of Google Docs. Here’s the cool part, you can right click on a document on your system now and there is an “Upload to Google” item…SWEET!

It is nothing really more then a Windows based app (sorry Mac fans) based on the Google Docs API, but look for more programs like this in the future from Google and other companies.


NEW Life As Nick Starr Post!!!

I have started blogging my personal updates and other life events back over at my Life as Nick Starr site. Feel free to check out the latest post about going to the gym for the first time today, and other exciting updates in what it is like to be Nick Starr.

The RSS feed located here will provide updates to your favorite RSS reader as well so you can easily get new posts as they hit the site.

Airport Extreme Users: Where's the Outrage?

time capsule

Maybe there are a bunch of people who have forgotten what Steve Jobs at the WWDC in 2007, but with the power of YouTube we can recall the lies his keynote from back then. Watch the video below at around the 1:42 mark and beyond:

Steve Jobs specifically say that the Airport Extreme will be able to backup via Time Machine wirelessly to your AirDisk….So why did they come out with Time Capsule without adding the functionality into the Airport Extreme like they said they would? There are countless people that I know personally who own an Airport Extreme that should be pissed (and some are) that they can’t back up their macs with their $179 router.

Heck, Steve Jobs even goes as far as saying that you can back up multiple macs with the Airport Extreme, the same functionality as Time Capsule. I don’t know about you, but if I owned an Airport Extreme I would be emailing steve myself ( or the email address more likely to get you an answer: .

P.S. Yes I do love Apple and all of the great products they produce, I just don’t like it when they force us into buying the same product twice, especially after promising the same functionality the first time around.

Custom Webclip Icons for Your Website

iPhone gere iconsNeal, of Geek Brief TV, and I were talking last night after the Apple Universe live podcast recording (btw it was the 100th show) about how the icons suck for most webclips on the iPhone. It pretty much takes a snapshot of the current screen and uses that as an icon, yuck. We mentioned something about favicons should work, but then again those are 16X16 and very small.

Well turns out Apple has built in the ability for you to customize the icon that is displayed on anyone’s iPhone that makes a webclip out of your website. Here is the down and dirty instructions:

  • Create a 57×57 PNG (it is said that b/c of the iPhones amazing resolution you can use a 158X158 icon that will scale down very well and thus make for a better looking icon)
  • Name it “apple-touch-icon.png”
  • Throw it in the root folder of your website. (Not the root of your server, the root of your web documents.)

That’s it…Google and some sites have already done this, and you may of noticed their icons look more professional. There are great tools out there for making small icons of this size, and if you are a Mac, buy the MacHeist bundle for only $49 which includes Pixelmator (and 10 other great apple programs) to make your own custom Webclip icon for the iPhone/iPod touch.

More Evidence of iTunes Digital Copy?

Fox Digital Copy

Here are some spy shots of the new Family Guy – Blue Harvest Special Edition (w/ limited-edition collectibles) DVD from Fox that will be released on Tuesday. There is no mention on the back of the box of iTunes, iPods, or the digital copy. There is however a special sticker on the front of the shrink wrapping indicitating it comes with a “Digital Copy.”

Fox Digital Copy

Fox has done this before with movies like Live Free or Die Hard, and even has a website setup for Digital Copy (link), with no mention of iPod support. The problem is that Digital Copy has never worked with an iPod, Zune, or PSP. Will this new Digital Copy work now with an iTunes or was the previously leaked screenshot a fake? The world will know on Tuesday after Steve Jobs gives his keynote at the Macworld Expo & Conference.

Fox Digital Copy