Moving into 2008

sf fireworks

Wow 2007 was quite a crazy year for me. It started it out living in my car and working 2 jobs. I end 2007 living in a nice house but still 2 jobs. I had a lot of great times this past year. I went to Las Vegas for my first and second time, my brother got married, I got to spend quite a bit of time relaxing in Orlando while I was still in Florida, I up and moved across the country to San Francisco, and many many other adventures.

There were a lot of negatives this year as well, including my car being broken into twice and losing nearly everything I own. Moving into 2008 there are a lot of things I plan on changing and things I hope to be able to do.I’m going to start using a service like Wesabe or Mint to track my spending, and try to get it down where I won’t need a second job (but still am able to save for the future). I want to get a motorcycle or a moped to save on gas…it is 15 miles to work each way, and with the prices here in California topping $4 in some places, I’d like to save money on gas if I can. I also plan on trying to eat more cooked meals at home to save money, and ramen noodles top that list right now (bought a 36 pack for $3 the other day).

I also plan on joining a gym and going for something besides showering (I’ve got my own shower now at my house). I hate “New Year’s Resolutions” and I am not calling this post that. I just want to get in better shape, and know it is possible if I put forth an effort.

I also hope to see more of the Bay area (seems strange calling it that since Tampa (and surrounding cities) are often referred to as to as the Bay area as well. I haven’t ever been to Alacatraz, Sausalito, Napa (wine country), and many other places. I also hope to possibly move closer to SF so I won’t feel so inconvenienced when I want to on a whim drive out there to hang out, for a party, or any other reason.

All in all, I believe that 2008 will be a much better year then 2007 ever was. I look forward to the new experiences and anxiously await what the future has in store.


5 thoughts on “Moving into 2008

  1. Nick – Man cannot live on ramen alone. Now that you live in California, you have access to some of the finest and cheapest produce in the world. Go to Farmer’s Markets. Learn to cook and love vegetables. (Or just eat them raw!) Your body will thank you.

    Also, Napa is overrated and overrun with tourists. Go to Sonoma, instead.

  2. Well I’m already jealous – you’re now living in my favourite part of the world. I’ve give my right arm to move to SF 🙂 2007 sucked for me too so here’s hoping 2008 is way better for both of us. You’re certainly making great inroads towards your goals, and all the long hours at your 2nd job will be worth it xx

  3. LOL – gas here in the UK is topping $2 a litre.

    They phased out gallons for petrol when it started to look expensive, about 10 years ago. None of us here know what $2 a litre means, but I think it translates to $10 a gallon. (taking £1=$2)

    I’m thinking about getting something more economical too!

  4. as a patient care tech of a spinal cord/traumatic brain injury rehab, let me tell you something: forget the motorcycle. four wheels good, two wheels bad. motorcycle accidents pay my bills.

    also, wear your goddamn seatbelt!

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