Essential Apps for my iMac

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If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that my 20″ iMac is inbound and scheduled to arrive this Thursday. It’s been nearly 2 months without my own computer, let alone a mac. Since that time, Leopard has launched and a number of other great apps that I want to try out. There are a ton of great applications for the mac the help make the experience more enjoyable. So I figured I would go though and try and list the apps I will be installing.

1) Adium – My favorite IM client for the mac. Sure I will be using the new iChat to try out all of the cool new video conferencing things, but for straight chat, Adium is the best.

2) Firefox – Safari may of come a long way, but my favorite browser is still Firefox, second to Camino.

3) Camino – I’ve never really been a fan of the Greasmonkey hacks to get multiple Gmail accounts open on the same browser, so Camino has always been a great way to manage two accounts for me, plus it’s a great browser built specifically for the mac by the makers of Firefox.

4) Twitterific – Since I had my mac they have gone version 3.0, and yes its now a paid product, but the ads aren’t that bad from what I’ve heard.

5) Cyberduck – The best free FTP client for the mac.

6) VLC – When it won’t play in Quicktime, it will certainly play in VLC, along those lines I will also be installing Perian

7) Perian – The Swiss Army knife for Quicktime. This plugin allows you to play almost any video inside of Quicktime, thus being able to take advantage of Quick View right from the new Leopard Finder.

8 ) iWork 08 & Office 2004 – Both of these apps come pre-installed with a new mac, I just need to enter my serial numbers for both.

9) Parallels – Sure my copy of Vista Ultimate and Vista Office Ultimate were stolen, but I am sure to get another copy soon, and Parallels is the best program for running Windows based programs inside of the mac.

10) Skitch – I got an invite from my Twitter friend, Brian Caldwell over at Plasq (makers of Comic Life) and I can’t wait to try out this nifty program for photo grabbing, editing, etc.

This list is just a few of the great OS X apps I will be installing. There are plenty of others that I want to try out, and old favorites that have just slipped my mind. I do want to say that I’ve NEVER liked Quicksilver, and only slightly been a fan of Google Desktop for Mac, but now that Spotlight is an app launcher, I might not use either. Lastly, Pixelmator once it shows up on one of the MacSanta/MacHeist/Discount Mac bundle sites, I will be buying that as well. It is a great OS X only alternative for Photoshop.


2 thoughts on “Essential Apps for my iMac

  1. I did a clean install with Leopard so I went thought this recently too. I’m a minimalist so I changed some habits with Leopard.

    Ditched Firefox for Safari+Saft+Pukka. I do keep Firefox around for certain things but 95% of my browsing is with Safari now and I love it.

    Didn’t install VLC this time around as Perian covers most thinks except mkv files. I just transcode those to mp4 anyways.

    I’ve gone back to iChat over adium as I don’t IM as much anymore.

    Didn’t install iWork or Office or OpenOffice as I’m trying to use Google Docs exclusively now. How many workprocessor does a man need anyways?

    Opted out for VMware or Parallels this time around due to my Bootcamp partition. I boot to windows once every few months as it is. I think i would give VMware a serious try if I had the choice tho.

    Spotlight rocks now. No more Quicksilver for me.

    Good luck with the new iMac.

  2. Hi NickStarr:
    I thought I would mention a few of the OS X applications that I enjoy using. I hope you find out some new favorites from these. As cbe says, “Welcome back to the cult”

    Matt Johnson/Bananapeeler, Acrobat Reader 5.0,, Adobe Reader 8,, Audio Hijack, Audion 3.0.2 X,,,, CamTwist, Carbon Copy,,,, DivX Doctor II,,, DVD, Elmer OSX,, Final Vinyl,, Flickr, Flip4Mac,, Gizmo, Gmail, Google, GraphicConverter,,, MacPAR,, Morse Mania OSX Folder, MPEG, MPlayer OS X, Network,, OpenBase,,, Palm Desktop, Path,,,,,,, StuffIt, TalkShoe,, Tomato,,, Vine, Vine,, Windows Media,, X-Chat Aqua, X-Chat, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Widget

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