How to get a free iPhone (or Blackberry Curve)

bb curve 8310

AT&T is really pushing their Blackberry line, and why not? The Blackberry Curve 8310 with GPS is the best phone I’ve ever used. It was more functional, flexible, and felt better in my hands then any phone I’ve owned…and I’ve owned a lot, including the iPhone. The iPhone is a very close second to the BB Curve. Well let me show you how to get either one for free.

If you want the Blackberry Curve, and you are a new customer to AT&T, you can simply go on Amazon and buy the BB Curve 8310 with GPS, and after rebates, you make out with $50.01 in cash and a free phone. That’s it…simple as that. Cold hard cash and the best cell phone ever made.


If you are wanting to get a free iPhone, the steps are a bit more involved, but not by much. Buy the BBCurve like mentioned above. Then go online to GSM PhoneSource and get an unlock code for $19. Finally, put your newly unlocked BBCurve (make sure to keep it pristine and sell as new), on eBay where they are selling for upwards of $400.

That on top of the $50.01 you made just from buying the Curve from Amazon will net you enough cash to buy an iPhone including tax.

There you go, a free iPhone, and heck you might even have some extra money left over for a nice case for that newly purchased Jesus phone iPhone.

Buy via Amazon

P.S. This is the method I went about buying my iPhone, but Amazon wasn’t offering such incredible rebates, so I was able to get the AT&T store to match the Amazon price at the time of paying $50, this this method, you can pocket $50 on the purchase of a Curve.


5 thoughts on “How to get a free iPhone (or Blackberry Curve)

  1. Amazon now requires you to keep a certain level of service to get the phone at the discounted price. Unfortunately switching from the blackberry data service to the iphone data service will ‘void’ the discount they give you and apparently they’ll charge your card. I’ve tried to inquire about doing this and thats what I’ve been told…

  2. They are now offering a $75 rebate where you get the phone for $0.01 and pocket $74.99 in rebates. Just thought I’d let you know.

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