You Can't Stop the Beat

itunes71As many of you know I had nearly everything I own stolen a few weeks ago. My job has allowed me to borrow an old PC (yeah I know a PC not a Mac) that was lying around and use at home until I am able to get one for myself. Up until now I was downloading tv shows via torrent and downloading them to my iPhone and watching that way, thus filling it up very quickly. Now with the computer I have tons of free space on my iPhone. I want to fill it up with some music, but I really don’t have any.

Here’s where you come in…since I am starting from scratch, send me your favorite song, band, album, etc. The easiest way would just be to send 1 mp3 to me of your favorite song via email to me(at)NickStarr(dot)com. It is a Google hosted email account so attachments can be up to 20 megs.

If you wanted to send a copy of an album or a cd or dvd of some of your favorite songs, you could also mail them via media mail (very cheap way of sending) to my PO Box in San Francisco: PO Box 426084, San Francisco, CA 94142.

You could also gift a song via iTunes, but I am trying to keep this as cost effective as possible.

Disclaimer: Sure here’s the part where I say you probably shouldn’t send music b/c of the RIAA blah blah blah, but just think of it as sending me a digital backup copy just in case you ever lose your music. I will be sure to send it back if that ever were to happen.

I want to thank everyone who sends a song. I really appreciate it and will make sure to listen to every one. I am sure it will open me up to a lot of different band/songs that I may of never discovered on my own.

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