Give me Gmail IMAP!

Moving to the bay area has it’s advantages. So far I’ve been to more geek parties and events then I’ve ever been able to attend living in Tampa Bay. One of the biggest advantages, is that some of the largest companies in the world are just around the corner, especially some of my favorites like Apple, Google, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

At the Google-Plex

Unfortunately, my day job keeps me from being able to visit these awesome companies during work hours, at least until I get some vacation days.

Google Lobby

Well here is my problem. When Google announced Gmail, I was one of the first people with an invite. I’ve used it as my primary and only source of email ever since. It has been the best, fastest, and easiest way to have access to my emails anywhere I go, no matter what phone/device/computer I am on. With the recent thefts that I’ve lived thru, my iPhone and any other computer I can get my hands on (ie Apple Store computers), are my primary source of internet. It is a pain in the butt to read emails on my iPhone, then have to mark them read again inside of Gmail, given that I have very limited access to the internet on a desktop computer.

Posting at the Google Lobby

Google just released a new feature to their Gmail service, IMAP. It allows you to sync emails on any device you are using as marked read, put in folders/labels, etc. No more going thru and spending extra time marking emails I’ve already read again. This is the greatest thing since the Gmail app on the BlackBerry, but wait…where’s my access to this?

Posting the first letter

When Gmail added Gtalk into Gmail, they seemed to roll it out in reverse order. The newer accounts got it before the older accounts. My friend Adam who got Gmail 3 days after me, was one of the last people to get Gtalk added to his account. My Gtalk access came after his even.

Letter 1 posted

I really hope Google isn’t doing the IMAP in the same fashion…by screwing the long time loyal users. I couldn’t imagine my life without Gmail, and now that IMAP is included, it will even be a more integrated part of my life. Why Google? Why must you always make me wait?

Posting at a different building at the employee entrance

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, some of the greatest companies are literally minutes from me now, so last night my friend and I (who she now has IMAP, but I still don’t) went to the Google campus, where we looked up the address on Google Maps. I drafted a letter (ala Martin Luther) using Google Docs (available here), and even signed the letter with my Google pen.

Posted at the Employee Entrance

So, now I wait and see what happens. I’m hoping that magically my account has IMAP on it today, as opposed to the opposite where they shut down my account for good for breaking into their campus and taking a bottle of Naked Juice and my friend using their bathroom. I can’t think of a better way then to go straight to the source.

Check out the Flickr set of posting the letter on 2 of Google’s buildings.

P.S. We accidentally drove by LinkedIn as well. I’d love to swing by their offices some day as well.


11 thoughts on “Give me Gmail IMAP!

  1. I had access to Gtalk _and_ Gmail/IMAP very early. (IMAP directly after the announcement, actually.)
    I’m an early user, too.

    I could imagine they simply push it out randomly… 😉

  2. Both my latest and earliest gmail accounts both have this feature, the big ‘G’ works in mysterious ways. It shouldn’t be long though, and hopefully you’ll be fast-tracked to some IMAP love now.

  3. Such an idiotic thing to do, especially when Google announced that everyone would have it by weeks end. If you can’t wait that long then you have other issues.

    If I worked at Google, saw you posting this atrocity I would have more than likely hit you in the face.

  4. I have my IMAP already too. It’s so nice. The best part about it is I had no idea IMAP was coming to gmail till this blog entry, yet immediately after seeing it, I check my gmail settings and sure enough, I have the IMAP setting. I set it up, it works, it’s awesome and you don’t have it, Nick which makes it even better. If I were Google, I’d purposely NOT deploy IMAP to you at all for “breaking in” and leaving your beg/woe is me note.

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