$466.64 Raised & Some Things Explained

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far…I’m now at almost 50% raised towards a new MacBook laptop, after my MacBook Pro and all of my gadgets in my laptop bag were stolen recently. You can help me raise money towards a new Macbook by donating here.

I’ve noticed some people asking questions people have been asking, and I want to see if I can field some of them here.

Q1) Dude, why can’t your insurance just pay for it all?

A1) I do (since I am financing my vehicle) have full car insurance on my car, including Comprehensive and Collision coverage. These two coverages DO NOT cover anything that is stolen from the vehicle, unless it is bolted down (ie. cd player, chairs, etc). My broken window WOULD be covered under my insurance, but since my deductible is $500, it doesn’t make sense to file a claim (thus raising my rates) for a repair that costs $160.

If I had renters insurance, which it is sort of difficult to do without a permanent address, they would of covered the theft. I still have my insurance in the state of Florida, where it is next to impossible to get renters let alone homeowners insurance.

Q2) Why did you leave it in your front seat and not in the trunk?

A2) I parked in a very nice section of the financial district in SF, and from everyone I have spoken to about the street I parked, said that it is a safe area and well lit. In Florida, you only have to watch for your stuff to not get stolen in “bad” neighborhoods, and even then I’ve never heard of ANYONE I know in FL putting stuff in their trunk, unless it was during holiday shopping. I did cover up the bag with a hoodie, and with all of the other clothes scattered in the vehicle it would not of been visible from the outside.

Q3) This wouldn’t of happened if you had a place to put your laptop besides your car. (more of a statement)

A3) Perhaps, but I had just come from the coffee shop where I was online. Unless I lived REALLY close, to the financial district ($$$), and didn’t want to worry about the 15 minutes trying to find a place to park near my “apartment”, and then the other 15 minutes trying to find a place to park back in the financial district, then you are right…It would of been safe in an apartment. However I didn’t want to be late to the show, and with gas prices are high are they are, I am trying to cut down on any access travel then what I have to do on a regular basis. I probably wouldn’t of gone all the way “home” to drop off my laptop if I was right by where I was going to begin with. I would of left it in my car like I did, and we are right back to square one.

Q4) You deserved this, and had it coming to you.

A4) Yes as hard as it is to believe, there are people out there who think this way. To these people I honestly have nothing to say. You obviously prey on the misery of others, and I your negative feedback only shows your lack of humanity and maturity.

Q5) Why didn’t you go for a plan with a lower glass replacement deductible?

A5) Car insurance agencies aren’t like Burger King, you can’t pick and choose your deductible on individual items. I went with the most insurance that I could afford that I needed to carry for a vehicle that is being financed.

With being said, I think I’ve tried to weed thru as much negativity as I can for one day. I will say that as much negativity there is towards me and my life, there is obviously more positivity being shown by many of the subscribers of this site, Twitter users, and people in my daily life. I want to thank everyone who has been helpful and supportive in this trying time.

On a positive spin, I am meeting with a photographer with the NY Times today about a story they are doing about Twitter, and tomorrow will be going to a free public preview of chirpscreen where RonKat will be performing. Feel free to join me tomorrow in SF.

Until later, thanks again for everyone who has donated. Almost half way there in only 4 days, and I have a lot of people who have said they are donating this Friday. Thanks again to everyone for your generosity in this trying time.


2 thoughts on “$466.64 Raised & Some Things Explained

  1. Sorry about what happened to you man. I hope everything works out for you. What are you doing in the meantime for a computer.

    Although, Nick, OSX is BSD based. Why dont you buy a POS laptop with the money you got and put PC-BSD 1.4 on it. Just a suggestion.

    Hope you sort out something


  2. Please stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about your situation.

    Stop trying to come up with excuses as to why you left your valuables in the car.

    Trying to raise money towards another laptop seems a bit stupid considering you have nowhere to live.

    Use that money to find somewhere safer to live.

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