iPod Classic 80 vs 160

iPod classic

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I more often then not go out and buy the biggest most expensive Apple product the second it comes out. With my move to SF, I wasn’t able to buy an iPod Classic when they first came out, but now that I have a job (BTW I got a job!!!!) I can now spend that $100 Apple iPhone credit and buy a brand new iPod Classic. The question is do I go 80 gigs or 160?

new ipodsA while back I lost ALL of my music and was able to re-download the iTunes purchases. I’ve built my music collection back up to around 45 gigs (including music, movies, podcasts, etc). Does it make sense for me to spend the extra $100 for a thicker iPod when I won’t even be filling up the 80 gig anytime soon?

Recently I haven’t been buying much music, and I have all of the cd’s from the bands I enjoy. So what is the point of expanding my music library beyond the confines of what my laptop HD can hold? (I’ve had some bad luck with external laptop HD’s recently as well)

So the question is, do I spend the $149 (plus $100 store credit) for the 80 gig or do I spend the $249 (plus $100 store credit) for the 160 gig iPod which I won’t be filling up anytime soon?

Your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “iPod Classic 80 vs 160

  1. Go for the 160GB, video takes up a lot of space, plus all that podsafe music out there, šŸ˜‰ , better to have more space than to run out just when you need it, then you end up deleting songs just to make space.

  2. Since you go out and by all the new toys when they come out anyways, just get the 80G. Macworld is 3 months away and who knows what will be announced. By the time it will take you to fill the 160G up, we’ll be 2 or 3 iPods gens in.

  3. 80GB…the 160GB is a bit bulky..not huge but big enough to be…big. I always prefer the smaller ipods…slimmer. Get a crystal film set from power support for it (I love these..you can’t even tell they are there) for protection.

    Plus it sounds like 80gb is more than you need..you’ll probably never fill the 160 but you’ll end up carrying around a larger ipod..so 80gb makes more sense

  4. Like Alec said, since you’re going to get a new one when it releases, just stick with the 80GB, that way you’ll have some extra money for the new toys šŸ˜‰

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