San Francisco

Well I finally made it to “the city”. I know I haven’t updated as often as I wanted to, but there isn’t much WiFi or 3G connectivity in the mid-west of the country as one might expect.

After leaving Cali and Neal in Dallas, I traveled my longest day yet. About 10+ hours to Albuquerque. There wasn’t much to do there, so I simply slept that night and traveled the next day to Las Vegas, NV.


I made it into Vegas in the late afternoon/evening, and drove up and down the strip. I went to the MGM Grand and played some poker for about 4-5 hours. I left afterwards tired and fell asleep for the night. I went back the next afternoon and played for a while longer, earning around $8 in comps ($1/hour of play). Nothing special, but I was able to get a good lunch at their buffet.


I left Vegas after visiting some other casinos and enjoying the city sometime around noon-ish and started driving towards San Francisco. Oh yeah, I did cross the Hoover Dam which was pretty cool, and decided against going to the Grand Canyon since it seemed like a 2-3 hour drive out and 2-3 hour drive back. I did see the Cadillac Ranch in Texas and took some pictures.


I also recorded another video while driving and you can watch it on YouTube here (or download it here).

Well I should get going…lots to see/explore/experience. I will be sure to post more as things develop…until later buh bye.


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