Very Frustrated in Texas

Frustrated in Texas

Well I’ve made it to Texas, and am inside the welcome pavilion here, which features free WiFi…sweet! Today has been quite a hectic day. Let me try to figure out where to start.

I decided last night after visiting the Big Easy to drive and try to find a rest stop, and drove for about an hour without finding anything. I eventually just parked behind a shopping plaza for the night and slept there undisturbed. On the road, I wanted to see if I could connect to my 3G laptop card to get online. This didn’t seem to work out so well, since I seemed to of left it back at Krystal Burger in New Orleans. I tore the entire car apart trying to find it.

After heading back on the road an accepting that it was gone, I went to grab for my wallet which was in the pants pocket from the night before…low and behold the wireless card was in the pocket as well…..nice.

Shortly after this, I hear a rock hit my windshield. Now my windshield is COVERED in dead bugs, so I wasn’t able to see any visible crack at the time. Within a few minutes the crack became VERY visible. The crack has now grown to what you see below. I was paying for only basic insurance with my insurance company, because the collision was covered by my lean holder. I called them up to see if a cracked windshield was covered and they said no. So I called and added comp/coll to my car insurance. They said that the policy would be effective immediately.

OMG the crack is HUGE

It is now about 3 hours after that, and I’ve called up a national glass company to set me up with a replacement windshield in the Dallas area. They right now are calling my insurance company to file the claim. I HOPE that it goes through and there are no complications.

I’ve got about a 2-3 hour drive till I hit the Dallas area, and need to get back on the road very soon since I have an apt to keep with the glass company. Until later, and hopefully in better spirits…buh bye.


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