Dallas with Cali

Nick Starr & Cali Lewis

Well today I arrived in Dallas, Texas and was able to get my windshield replaced for no charge by my insurance company. Afterwards I went over to Cali and Neal’s house where we went out to eat at a local restaurant. Afterwards we hung out at their place and now are watching The Godfather. I’ve never seen this movie, and we are watching it on a great looking projector.

Cali has been a bit under the weather the past few weeks, and turns out she came down with Rubella, a disease that has been “eradicated in the US since 2005” (Wikipedia). I had my MMR(ubella) shot a few years back, so hopefully I won’t come down with it. I wanted to say thanks again to them and their amazing hospitality for putting me up for the night and the wine we shared over dinner.


Also, I have up Part 1 of my video diary that I am trying to keep updated on the road trip. You can watch it in this YouTube window, or download it as a video podcast, but simply subscribing to my No Free Refills feed right in iTunes.

That’s it for updates right now, I’m worn out…until later, buh bye.


One thought on “Dallas with Cali

  1. Hmm, Rubella- eradicated in the U.S., yet Cali has it. Well, maybe that’s because she lives in TX, which is overrun by illegal Mexicans, which come from a third-world country, which has rampant archaic diseases. Lovely, huh? Oh, well, you’re going to California, which is even more infested with them. Have fun with that. Also, don’t know if you just heard the news (check it: forbes.com)- SF is in the top 5 most expensive places to rent, as is Oakland and the surrounding Bay area. Sounds like you’re going to be keeping your current “living arrangements” (=car) for the foreseeable future. Have fun with that as well.

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