In New Orleans

Photo 29.jpg

Wow….I thought I would be in chocolate town, err New Orleans sooner then this, but I have to say that I am glad I got here when night had fallen upon the city. Bourbon Street is one most unique experiences. There are some amazing (and some unpleasant) smells, sounds, etc. Tons of people on the street walking up and down with drinks in hand.

This is quite a unique city….very very poor neighborhoods surround the downtown area where all of the festivities occur. It is a saddening feeling seeing the poverty around, especially after the tragedy that was hurricane Katrina.

Right now I am sitting in a Krystal Burger joint on their free WiFi, and uploading some pictures to my Flickr photo album (link). I have posted pictures of each state line that I’ve crossed on Flickr as well (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana). Also, tons of updates have been posted to Twitter as well (

I’m having a great time so far, and the car seems to be holding up well. Tomorrow night I hope to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I guess I will post more as things unravel…..oh yeah. I also recorded a 10 minute or so video podcast from the car, and that will be up soon in a downloadable iPod video format, and YouTube video. Watch for more video updates as the trip progresses. Until later….buh bye.


2 thoughts on “In New Orleans

  1. Been following you on Twitter pretty much since the wedding. Looks like you’re having a great road trip so far. Must say, I’m jealous. Keep up the updates, I’ve been intrigued as to what you’ll run into next. Be safe.


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