Pre-moving stress

This past week has been crazy and chaotic. Tuesday was my 27th birthday, Friday was my brother’s wedding, and on Monday (hopefully) I am driving the 3,000 miles to California to move.


I’ve had a storage unit with a lot of my stuff including some big couches, bed, etc for some time now. We got most of the small items out over the last month or so, and some of the large stuff out the other day. With the wedding though there has been no time with the truck to get everything out.


The truck is now down in south Florida with my brother as he is on his honeymoon. The storage unit was supposed to be cleared out by today, the last day of the lease. There is still 2 couches, a bed and bench/coat rack in there. I don’t know anyone else who has a truck that can help me get it out. My brother’s friend was supposed to help today and he was going to keep the couches, but he has been MIA most of the day.

check engine

On top of all of this, my check engine light came on today. I believe that the guy who pumped my gas didn’t put the cap on, thus causing the light to come on, but I am going to see about heading out to the dealership on Monday early to double check.


It’s been quite the stressful week. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the 51″ Sony HDTV that I paid over $1,600 for a few years ago has gotten ZERO feedback when I’ve listed it on Craigslist twice. I am going to see if I can get a pawn shop locally to give me a few hundred for it.

UGGGGGG! I can’t wait till all of this madness is over, the tv is gone, the stuff in storage is gone, and I am on my way to California.

BTW over the next week or so, this site will chronicle the details and photos of my journey across America from Tampa, Florida to San Francisco, Ca.


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