quechup1What a horrible site. I got an invite from a few hundred people over the weekend for this new social networking site Quechup. I decided to sign up and under the guise of going through my gmail contacts looking for others on this network, I entered my gmail account information.

In turn, Quechup decided to send out an email to EVERYONE I’ve ever emailed or gotten an email from. I apologize for this if you got an email from the service as an email from me.

Here’s the write up on Quechup from Wikipedia: Quechup is a controversial self-described social networking site. The controversy surrounds their deceptive practice of sending invitations on behalf of existing members. Because the invitation appears to be from a known correspondent, many people are reported to have signed up on the basis of that trust. During the signup process, new members are offered the opportunity to upload their email address books, ostensibly to find other members and link to them. However, quechup subsequently sends a personalized invitation to each correspondent in the address book.

So if you got an email, again I apologize. Do not sign up for this service unless you want another useless social network.

Mea culpa


3 thoughts on “Quechup

  1. I received a Quechup invitation from someone I had not heard from in five years. It was a pleasant surprise, but he said that Quechup did the same thing to him… emailed all of the addresses on his DL. He was peeved as well. But, in the end, I was able to catch up (pun intended) with an old friend.

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