iPhone Update 1.1.1 is Out


Today Apple released the iPhone update 1.1.1 which includes a ton of anticipated updates. Here is a brief list:

  • iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
  • Louder Speakerphone & reciever volume
  • Double space bar inserts a period (like the BlackBerry)
  • Support for TV Out
  • Preference to turn off EDGE/GPRS when roaming
  • Adjustable alert volume

…and many more

Google's 9th Birthday

It’s hard to remember a time when Google wasn’t around. Now they seem to be at the center of your online world, be it thru Google Search, Gmail, Google News, Google Reader, Google Docs and the list goes on and on.

Today Google turns 9, and I’d personally like to thank them for their services. I don’t think I would of made it this far in San Francisco without Google Maps on my iPhone.

San Francisco

Well I finally made it to “the city”. I know I haven’t updated as often as I wanted to, but there isn’t much WiFi or 3G connectivity in the mid-west of the country as one might expect.

After leaving Cali and Neal in Dallas, I traveled my longest day yet. About 10+ hours to Albuquerque. There wasn’t much to do there, so I simply slept that night and traveled the next day to Las Vegas, NV.


I made it into Vegas in the late afternoon/evening, and drove up and down the strip. I went to the MGM Grand and played some poker for about 4-5 hours. I left afterwards tired and fell asleep for the night. I went back the next afternoon and played for a while longer, earning around $8 in comps ($1/hour of play). Nothing special, but I was able to get a good lunch at their buffet.


I left Vegas after visiting some other casinos and enjoying the city sometime around noon-ish and started driving towards San Francisco. Oh yeah, I did cross the Hoover Dam which was pretty cool, and decided against going to the Grand Canyon since it seemed like a 2-3 hour drive out and 2-3 hour drive back. I did see the Cadillac Ranch in Texas and took some pictures.


I also recorded another video while driving and you can watch it on YouTube here (or download it here).

Well I should get going…lots to see/explore/experience. I will be sure to post more as things develop…until later buh bye.

Dallas with Cali

Nick Starr & Cali Lewis

Well today I arrived in Dallas, Texas and was able to get my windshield replaced for no charge by my insurance company. Afterwards I went over to Cali and Neal’s house where we went out to eat at a local restaurant. Afterwards we hung out at their place and now are watching The Godfather. I’ve never seen this movie, and we are watching it on a great looking projector.

Cali has been a bit under the weather the past few weeks, and turns out she came down with Rubella, a disease that has been “eradicated in the US since 2005” (Wikipedia). I had my MMR(ubella) shot a few years back, so hopefully I won’t come down with it. I wanted to say thanks again to them and their amazing hospitality for putting me up for the night and the wine we shared over dinner.


Also, I have up Part 1 of my video diary that I am trying to keep updated on the road trip. You can watch it in this YouTube window, or download it as a video podcast, but simply subscribing to my No Free Refills feed right in iTunes.

That’s it for updates right now, I’m worn out…until later, buh bye.

Very Frustrated in Texas

Frustrated in Texas

Well I’ve made it to Texas, and am inside the welcome pavilion here, which features free WiFi…sweet! Today has been quite a hectic day. Let me try to figure out where to start.

I decided last night after visiting the Big Easy to drive and try to find a rest stop, and drove for about an hour without finding anything. I eventually just parked behind a shopping plaza for the night and slept there undisturbed. On the road, I wanted to see if I could connect to my 3G laptop card to get online. This didn’t seem to work out so well, since I seemed to of left it back at Krystal Burger in New Orleans. I tore the entire car apart trying to find it.

After heading back on the road an accepting that it was gone, I went to grab for my wallet which was in the pants pocket from the night before…low and behold the wireless card was in the pocket as well…..nice.

Shortly after this, I hear a rock hit my windshield. Now my windshield is COVERED in dead bugs, so I wasn’t able to see any visible crack at the time. Within a few minutes the crack became VERY visible. The crack has now grown to what you see below. I was paying for only basic insurance with my insurance company, because the collision was covered by my lean holder. I called them up to see if a cracked windshield was covered and they said no. So I called and added comp/coll to my car insurance. They said that the policy would be effective immediately.

OMG the crack is HUGE

It is now about 3 hours after that, and I’ve called up a national glass company to set me up with a replacement windshield in the Dallas area. They right now are calling my insurance company to file the claim. I HOPE that it goes through and there are no complications.

I’ve got about a 2-3 hour drive till I hit the Dallas area, and need to get back on the road very soon since I have an apt to keep with the glass company. Until later, and hopefully in better spirits…buh bye.

In New Orleans

Photo 29.jpg

Wow….I thought I would be in chocolate town, err New Orleans sooner then this, but I have to say that I am glad I got here when night had fallen upon the city. Bourbon Street is one most unique experiences. There are some amazing (and some unpleasant) smells, sounds, etc. Tons of people on the street walking up and down with drinks in hand.

This is quite a unique city….very very poor neighborhoods surround the downtown area where all of the festivities occur. It is a saddening feeling seeing the poverty around, especially after the tragedy that was hurricane Katrina.

Right now I am sitting in a Krystal Burger joint on their free WiFi, and uploading some pictures to my Flickr photo album (link). I have posted pictures of each state line that I’ve crossed on Flickr as well (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana). Also, tons of updates have been posted to Twitter as well (Twitter.com/NickStarr).

I’m having a great time so far, and the car seems to be holding up well. Tomorrow night I hope to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I guess I will post more as things unravel…..oh yeah. I also recorded a 10 minute or so video podcast from the car, and that will be up soon in a downloadable iPod video format, and YouTube video. Watch for more video updates as the trip progresses. Until later….buh bye.


First update, yep I'm tired

I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Talahassee visiting with my friend Eric (EricBeasley.net) who I haven’t seen in a while. He’s going to FSU, but we used to work together when he was home for the summer a year ago. He also was on More Meat Then Tuna as a regular host when we were producing the show.

As you can see from the picture I am exhausted. It’s been a lot of driving so far, and I have a good 5-6 hours ahead of me to make it to New Orleans. The best way to keep up with my constant updates is via Twitter (Twitter.com/NickStarr) or you can text “Follow NickStarr” to 40404 (without the quotes).

Well my friend just arrived, so I am going to hang out with him for a while then head back on the road. Until later…buh bye.

And I'm off…

Right before leaving

Well yesterday turned out to be an easier day then the previous day. I was able to sell my tv to my old best friend for not as much as I wanted for it, but at least I know that it has a good home.

I got everything packed Saturday night, so Sunday I was able to drive around and say my goodbye’s. Relaxed a bit with my parents and had a great last day in Florida. It was a bit emotional after leaving my parents house, but I’ve moved away before…this time just feels so final.

I’m going to try to take a picture with photobooth each time I blog, since I won’t be shaving on the trip. I stopped shaving 2 days ago, and you can obviously see how little has come in so far. Dressing down as well so I am comfortable on the road….wearing shorts, t-shirts, and Crocs. I’m about to head to my old job and pickup my final paycheck. After that I’m on my way….today’s trip is pretty easy, all interstate till I stop in New Orleans tonight. I will hopefully be meeting up with Cali and Neal from Geek Brief in Dallas tomorrow afternoon/evening. More details to come about my route.

Well I guess this is it for now. I’ll be listening to the 1.2 days of podcasts I have downloaded to keep me company, but make sure to @nickstarr or d nickstarr me on Twitter.  Got the car all gas’d up, and I am out of here….it’s been great Florida, I’ll be sure to come back and visit as often as I can…until later…buh bye.

Pre-moving stress

This past week has been crazy and chaotic. Tuesday was my 27th birthday, Friday was my brother’s wedding, and on Monday (hopefully) I am driving the 3,000 miles to California to move.


I’ve had a storage unit with a lot of my stuff including some big couches, bed, etc for some time now. We got most of the small items out over the last month or so, and some of the large stuff out the other day. With the wedding though there has been no time with the truck to get everything out.


The truck is now down in south Florida with my brother as he is on his honeymoon. The storage unit was supposed to be cleared out by today, the last day of the lease. There is still 2 couches, a bed and bench/coat rack in there. I don’t know anyone else who has a truck that can help me get it out. My brother’s friend was supposed to help today and he was going to keep the couches, but he has been MIA most of the day.

check engine

On top of all of this, my check engine light came on today. I believe that the guy who pumped my gas didn’t put the cap on, thus causing the light to come on, but I am going to see about heading out to the dealership on Monday early to double check.


It’s been quite the stressful week. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the 51″ Sony HDTV that I paid over $1,600 for a few years ago has gotten ZERO feedback when I’ve listed it on Craigslist twice. I am going to see if I can get a pawn shop locally to give me a few hundred for it.

UGGGGGG! I can’t wait till all of this madness is over, the tv is gone, the stuff in storage is gone, and I am on my way to California.

BTW over the next week or so, this site will chronicle the details and photos of my journey across America from Tampa, Florida to San Francisco, Ca.

Apple's iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Today at the International Mall in Tampa, Fl the iPod touch arrived as an in-store model. There was no account setup on it, but the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store was fully working (minus downloading). The feel is SIGNIFICANTLY thinner then the iPhone, and it is wafer thin. It does feature the reflective mirror styled back ala the iPod Classic and new iPod nano, so it is smudgy and can get scratched easily. Also, the lock button is on the opposite side of the iPhone.

The Wi Fi music store DOES NOT allow you to search for music videos, podcasts, etc only music. There is no downloading of any podcasts via the built in Wi Fi, but I know Dave Winer would like this feature to be included in future software updates.

Other then that the Wi-Fi with Safari works just as well on the iPhone. The inclusion of an address book icon is a nice touch. If you aren’t really that thrilled with AT&T, I say DON’T get the iPhone, you will love the iPod touch. THIS IS THE BEST IPOD APPLE HAS EVER MADE.

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