iPhone 'pretty darn cool'

Yep that’s me on the front page of Saturday’s St. Pete Times. I was the first person at the Tampa Apple store to get an iPhone, and waited around 32 hours in line to get one, well 3. I plan 2 on eBay, but I’ve had quite the busy weekend. I’ve had more people come up to me about just getting the iPhone then my featured front page + all of page 6 article about TV/Gadgets. It’s a bit crazy.

My boss, where I called in sick, even likened me to Ferris Bueller, but apparently had no problem with me calling in while waiting in line for an iPhone.

That isn’t to say that my experience has been all good. 2 of my tires were slashed multiple times while I was in line. Was the phone and the wait worth it though? Oh hell yeah, it’s pretty darn cool.

My major gripes include a lack of IM (Google Talk doesn’t work like I previously reported), Gmail is pop (no Gmail client like on my BlackBerry Curve), but other then that I love it. I was listening to it while playing poker yesterday, able to switch right over to a phone call by simply clicking the button on the ear buds…it’s great.

I bought the InCase protection case that TUAW reviewed and is a great match for the style of the iPhone. It keeps the sleekness yet protects from accidental drops.

It was quite the busy weekend with the iPhone, helping Dawn’s grandmother move, driving up to Gainesville, and poker yesterday (which was the first day of no limit poker in Florida…which I ended up walking about with $600 from my $200 buy in). I’m just now getting online for the first time really since Friday. Looks like the iPhone is selling well at over 500,000 units sold, and besides AT&T botching the activation on some people’s account there are nothing but great reviews out there.

I’m sure I will have some stuff to post about the iPhone, and I was taking video of walking thru the doors and ordering my iPhone, that will be posted soon.

If you don’t already have one, I HIGHLY suggest getting one…the iPhone is pretty darn cool.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 'pretty darn cool'

  1. Thats pretty sweet nick, do you think you could make a video and go through all the cool things you can do and how the user interface works? i think it would be a good idea since.. well your a mac guy :mrgreen:

  2. COOL i got my iphone on day one i was the 6th in line at the at&t store i was in live for over 2days and it was hot over 118 thats hot and at night it was still over 100 hot hot but its ok i was all over the news all day long it was so cool ANY WAY HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR IPHONE I WOOD SAY FOR ME 10 nick star out of 10 nick star’s lol no i love my phone it rocks ps START DOING A PODCAST WITH JUST YOU TRY IT SOME TIME OK OK have a good day nick

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