Michael Moore's SiCKO

Tomorrow might be considered by most people who read this blog, as the second coming, iPhone day, but Michael Moore’s SiCKO is coming out tomorrow. While I often don’t post much beyond tech on here, I think it is only just that people realize both sides of a story that is being told. The book on the left, Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man, chronicles all of the “camera tricks” and “loose documentary” work that he employs. For example in the scene for Bowling for Columbine where Charlton Heston make a speech infront of the NRA crowd at Columbine, Michael Moore splices over 6 separate speech that Charlton Heston has made over the course of his life. He employs techniques like this in all of his documentaries to push his agenda.

Now while I think that health care system in America could stand vast improvements, I would caution yourself if you go out and watch this new movie. If anything download it (as it has been leaked already).

Finally, if you agree with Moore or not, there is one fact that we can all universally agree upon:

more is fat

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