Google Talk on the iPhone

iPhone gtalk

Apple has stated that web 2.0 (read ajaxy) web sites will work on the iPhone. Flash and Java are not supported in the iPhones version of Safari. Well after going to Google’s Talk Gadget with Java and Flash turned off on Safari, the program works like a chucking farm. It even includes the option for multi-user chat, a feature still absent from the desktop and Gmail client. Apple may of forgot iChat on the iPhone, but IM is alive and well with Google Talk.Google has also been colobrating with Apple closely on the iPhone, so is this going to be the official Gtalk client for the iPhone or will Apple/Google be releasing an app for the iPhone?


Update: Turns out that this does need Flash, which isn’t included on the iPhone to work. Oh well, no IM on the iPhone.


23 thoughts on “Google Talk on the iPhone

  1. What about Gmail and Google Reader? And Docs and Spreadsheets?

    Also, is this running on some desktop emulator, or on an actual iPhone? I’ll hold off believing until I see it on a real iPhone. πŸ˜‰

  2. meebo is gr8 for that, but be sure to check iBrickr, with it u can install apollo which 4 now supports aim, icq and msn, i am sure that next versions will support gtalk ad many more!!! at least i hope that it will!!!

  3. Hello, I have an iPhone πŸ™„ , I want to use google talk in it .. but it don’t work! .. so sobody can tell me how to use it or something please!… ❓ πŸ˜₯

  4. i wouldnt really suggest buying an iphone.. have just bought one.. and am regretting.. the battery life is so damn pathetic.. hardly even a day.. actually half a day.. to be precise!!!!

  5. It works fairly nice..
    1. Disconnects very frequently
    2. Unlike Fring client, this with this, messages come either on desktop or the iPhone if logged into from both places
    3. Browsing across pages from safari and coming back to the gtalk page, it needs to refresh/reconnect
    4. Also, cannot get the tabbed look as in the picture here on my phone. I get a pull down menu when choosing talk friends…

    But otherwise, look and feel great!!! Google and Apple probably two of the best minds at work πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah gchat works fine on the iphone just got to on your iphone. You can bookmark it to your homescreen with the + button. Bam Gchat on the iphone.

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