Camping out for the iPhone

Well I’ve already arrived at the Apple store here at International Mall (iMall) in Tampa, Fl. Apparently the line is “officially” forming outside, but no one is there yet and I’m enjoying Apple’s free WiFi and these cumfy leather chairs from Leather Express in Tampa.

Once I officially move outside, which is reporting as 88, but feels like 96, I will be only updating from Twitter to conserve on battery power. I am adding the ability for Twitter to post directly to the blog here, so updates on my 30+ hours till the launch will be chronicled for you right on the blog and thru the rss feed.

My direct twitter account is at if you want to be subscribed to my updates there.

As for my plans, lots of reading RSS, listening to Opie and Anthony, and maybe finally reading iCon Steve Jobs. So stay tuned as the next 30 hours are sure to be eventful.


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