Mobile Power

power inverterBeing that I’m on the go quite a bit, and finding places to charge my gadgets can often be a bit difficult unless I’m camped out in a local Starbucks for a few hours. I am using an iPod car charger that has a USB port on the end to charge my BlackBerry when I am driving. My laptop often gets drained down to nothing while watching a tv show or movie at night before bed.

Well I decided to finally plunk down the $48 and buy a Multi-Port Inverter. It has 2 usb ports (perfect for my BlackBerry and iPhone, a standard 110-volt AC outlet, and another cigarette outlet. I think this solution will work perfectly for charging all of my gadgets while on the go.

It’s only $40 + $8 shipping…considering my monthly power bill ($0), it’s well worth it.

Buy one today


One thought on “Mobile Power

  1. i doubt that it will charge a laptop

    i installed a laptop in my car with an inverter and it barely ahs the capacity to charge it

    its 300 watts with 400 surge

    after getting it and experimenting charging 2 laptops at the same time i found i could had bought a bigger inverter seeing it needs 310 watts to charge it

    i have pics of the laptop stand on my myspace page

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