BlackBerry 8800 & Sidekick 3 Sale

8800 sideLast night I launched the sale of one of my BlackBerry 8800‘s (a brand new one) that is unlocked for any GSM carrier. I also listed my Sidekick 3, and it sold very quickly.

My second unlocked BlackBerry 8800, the one I’ve personally been using, is going up for sale tomorrow Saturday at 8pm EST for a 1 day auction. All of these auctions are one day, so if you want the brand new BB8800, there is a mere 11 hours left at the time of this posting.

The reserve has already been surpassed on the brand new BB, but the Buy it now for the used one is only $279. Both of these devices include GPS for easy navigation, and tons of other features.

My 30 gig White iPod is still for sale on Craigslist for $220.

Thanks for bidding

New Unlocked BlackBerry 8800

Used Unlocked BlackBerry 8800 (listing goes live 6/16 8:00PM EST)


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