Steve's WWDC Keynote Leaked? (Guess Not)

wwdc07Adam Jackson over at Daily Tech Talk happened upon a German site which details the eternity of Steve Jobs Keynote speech today at WWDC. He translated the site and below is what the kenote may hold in store. Items like iPhone@Home sound a bit unlikely, mainly because T-Mobile is already using the HotSpot@Home name for its UMA phones coming out soon.

That being said, a lot of the items seem like stuff the rumor sites have been mentioning, but some of it like mentioned above seem a bit unlikely. We will see in less then 2 hours.

Update: Looks like the source was dead wrong. Items talked about, Games on Macs, Leopard, Safari on Windows, iPhone development through Safari.

? Sales figures and market share of the Macs
? Apple net curtain:
? new Retail store in Italy,
? first store on European mainland,
? new stores will open shortly, among other things Munich, Barcelona, Paris

? iMac:
? Core2Duo selling great!,
? New Generation,
? new Design, which follows itself to iPhone, partly brushed metal
? even thinner,
? Santa rosa chip set,
? LED back light,
? Sizes: 20 ? and 24 ?
? Demo new iMacs

? Mac OS X:
? History, versions
? short outline of the tiger features: Dashboard, Spotlight, etc.
? new features in leopard:
? new Mail (with collecting mains, ToDos, Notes),
? new Spotlight (network scan, performance improved, etc.),
? new standard file system ZFS,
? new front Row (2.0),
? new iCal (with CalDAV, ToDos, etc.),
? Parental control,
? New Photobooth (2.0),
? Resolution Independence,
? new standardized Look of all Mac OS X applications
? been based on resolution Independence
? core contains animation (Icons, animations in Time Machine, Dashboard, spaces, etc. animated)
? none brushed metal more
? many black shining Elemen (Illumonous)
? Time Machine,
? Quicklook, (unknown application)
? new safari feature (new search, Dashboard integration, etc.),
? Multiple Dashboards (Dashboard for user specify, Dashboards administer, etc.),
? Spaces,
? iChat theatre (integration in applications, drop of baking, etc.)
? Finder reloaded (easily changed, improves performance, new Buttons),
? new ToDo application (and administers all ToDos from all applications collects)
? Demo new leopard feature

? .mac, iLife 07, iWork 07:
? new.mac release with smooth Google integration, but in the Apple Look,
? .mac services all on Google basis,
? .mac free of charge with each bought Mac,
? new handling on-line documents,
? iDisk integration in Finder,
? all documents can be worked on and administered also on-line with Google applications,
? new Spreadsheet software in iWork ?Charts?
? Demo new packages and .mac
? Guest appearance Eric Schmidt (Google CEO)

? iPhone:
? new secret features:
? iWork and iLife integration,
? .mac integration (iDisk access, Mail, documents on-line, etc. work on)
? Demo new features
? iPhone accessories, prices
? Demo accessories
? available in US Apple (without contract) and (with contract) net curtain, prices at&t
? Europe as promised in the autumn

? ?That’ s it, but there’ s one more thing?, new product ?iphone@home?:
? 10 ? multitouch screen,
? 30 GB Flash memory,
? iPhone user surface,
? 8 hours of battery,
? no connections except dock Connector,
? resemble functions as iPhone, except mobile phone, but iChat
? integrated iSight
? Demo iphone@home
? The End


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