Today, on the Google Personalized Homepage, aka Google.com/ig, they have changed the logo to include a lower-case “i.” Sure Google’s Eric Schmidt is on Apple’s Board of Directors, and from what I’ve researched, the “ig” in Google.com/ig has always stood for “I Google.” It’s just strange to see it there like that. Could this be a partnership between the two companies, or just Google trying to make it “more personal.” Typically when there is a new Google logo it is clickable and takes you to a link explaining, this new iGoogle one doesn’t do that.Update: Well today they announced on their blog, that they are changing the name from Google Personalized Page to iGoogle, making it a more personable experience. International users can now use the themes that have become quite popular in the US. Now you can visit iGoogle.com instead of typing out Google.com/ig.


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