Goodbye SureType, Hello GPS

I placed my order this morning for the new BlackBerry 8800 from T-Mobile. I’m trading my BlackBerry Pearl for a Sidekick 3 from a friend. Now that I placed the order, I saw that the price is $349 ($373 with tax + free shipping) with instant rebate. CRAP! I paid $518 with express shipping and tax. I was planning on getting a 2nd line from T-Mobile anyway for the Sidekick 3.So, I’m going to call them up when I get the 8800 in, and ask to open a 2nd line. I will tell them I would like to also purchase the 8800 at the time, yet they don’t have to send me one since I “already bought one.” In a small company, this wouldn’t be a problem, they would just say keep the other one and that’s it. We aren’t talking about a small company here. Logically I should just keep the phone, yet pay the $349 price. Logistically, because of the serial number and since it is “on a different line on the same account” I doubt that T-Mobile will be able to pull it off. Props to them if they can, but I don’t see it happening.

Also, the press release from RIM says this:

Operating on T-Mobile’s EDGE network, the quad-band BlackBerry 8800 offers T-Mobile’s myFaves(i) experience to easily stay in touch with those who matter most, and incorporates built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) to support location-based applications. BlackBerry Maps is included, which provides on-screen driving directions with the ability to track the route via the GPS, and also makes it easy for customers to generate a map directly from their BlackBerry Address Book.

T-Mobile’s site has no mention of GPS at all. The Pearl from T-Mobile also doesn’t contain GPS, while the Cingular/AT&T version does. Whose fault is the typo? I was looking forward to GPS on the 8800, and didn’t purchase the Cingular/AT&T version (with GPS), because I didn’t want to switch companies yet.

When I get the 8800, I’ll report back on the exchange process, and if it has GPS. Here’s hoping everything works out smoothly.


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