How Many Cell Phones Does One Need?

sidekick id

I’m a big cell phone user, but I don’t make many calls at all. I use cell phones for the features that go beyond making calls. Of course I am planning on getting an iPhone once it launches in June, but I’m sick of my BlackBerry Pearl. Mainly, I hate the SureType keyboard on it. Next Tuesday, T-Mobile is launching the BlackBerry 8800 with GPS and a full QWERTY keyboard. I’m switching to that for sure.

The Sidekick ID, a slimmed down version of the Sidekick 3 comes out Wednesday.A BlackBerry is great for email, but I’ve always preferred to SMS and IM through the Sidekick. With the Sidekick ID coming out next weeks, it seems like a cheap way to get back into the Sidekick world of IM’ing. The Sidekick service by itself runs $30/month. BlackBerry service from T-Mobile also runs $30/month with no voice plan. I’m already paying $60/month for 1,000 minutes and unlimited BlackBerry usage on my Pearl.

I am also testing the Samsung UpStage for Sprint with unlimited usage for 6 months. I can use this phone as my primary “phone call” phone for that time.

Is it worth it to have 2 data phones? I would use the BB 8800 for Google Talk, GPS, and Email, while the Sidekick ID would be for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and SMS. I just really liked the ease of use on the Sidekick. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “How Many Cell Phones Does One Need?

  1. my thoughts are simple, you must have one large belt for all those devices.

    kidding, i think here in the US we get jerked by our data plans. they’re very slow and offer very little content compared to data services in Europe and Asia. so personally, until we’re officially on a 3G standard it’s not worth it. plus think about how many people you know who use SMS that are non-techies. do they use T9? my wife and i prefer SMS messaging to communicate because it gets the point across, “dinner?”…”sure, italian”…”ok”…”7″…”see you there” is a sample of our conversation. but she still is sitting there typing every single letter of every word.

    when i discovered T9 is when i wanted to SMS the world and purchased a 1000 message plan from Cingular, now on T-Mobile i have the same 1000 message plan for my BB Pearl. i borrowed my wife’s phone the other day and had to SMS google for a phone number and i’ve become dependent on a SureType keyboard.

    i’m going to wait about a year or 6 months for an iPhone because, although i’m usually an early adopter of technology, my guess is that the 1st and 2nd versions are going to be buggy. the best draw for me towards the iPhone will be the synchronization between iCal & Address Book. i’m not an ultimate power user but having a device that can synch well would be nice.

    just my opinion…don’t hate me.


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