SMS Price Markup: 7314%

love sms

Anytime you go to purchase something, you instantly know that isn’t the price paid for by the seller. He has to pay the delivery guy, who has to pay for his truck and gas, who has to pay another middle-man, and so on and so forth. When you send a text message, it feels almost like a direct line to the other person. Well we all know it has to go through the mobile carriers, and if they are on a different network, both networks get to charge for the 160 characters traveling through the air. The price for one text message is 15 cents with Verizion to send what works out to 140 bytes of data. Under their wireless data plan 1024 bytes of data work out to only 1.5 cents. Doing a little bit of math, the price increase from a text message to a simple data request is increased 7314%. What makes a SMS more important then data? No wonder people are switching companies every time there is a SMS rate hike.[via Consumerist]


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