Ancestor by Soctt Sigler

Just placed my order for the #9 book on Amazon’s Top 100, Ancestor by Scott Sigler. Scott has become the web’s biggest podcast novelist. Starting with Earth Core and progressed into Ancestor. It’s a great listen if you haven’t ever heard a podcast novel. The story line is gripping and he’s quite the story teller.

It is pretty cool to see a podcaster in the top 10, let alone 100 over at Amazon with a book they published based on content that is already out in audio for for free. Congrats to Scott. Now I just have to get him to sign my copy at the next podcast expo.

>Buy your copy todayhis site


One thought on “Ancestor by Soctt Sigler

  1. Nick, thanks for the kind post! Ancestor actually hit #7! Only Harry Potter beat me out in the fiction category.

    Ancestor and my first novel, EarthCore, were #1 and #2 on Amazon’s Horror Bestseller list, and #1 and #4 on the SciFi Bestseller list.

    What a day!

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